My Volkswagen App

You’re in a Volkswagen, even when you’re not 

Introducing the all-new ‘My Volkswagen’ app — your ultimate companion for a seamless and enriched Volkswagen experience that extends beyond the driver’s seat. This user-friendly app is designed to elevate your journey with intuitive features — from checking your driving performance to exploring our latest offerings, booking service appointments, scheduling test drives, or booking your new Volkswagen

With this advanced app, your connection to your car is stronger than ever.
Feel like you’re in a Volkswagen, even where you’re not.

Take your Volkswagen connectivity beyond the road.
Explore the limitless features of My Volkswagen.

Take your Volkswagen connectivity beyond the road.
Explore the limitless features of My Volkswagen.

My Volkswagen App

All the information you need from your Volkswagen’s Owner’s Manual, such as –

  • Child Lock
  • Active Cylinder Cutoff
  • Cruise Control
  • Tyre Pressure

And much more – now at your fingertips within the App!

Real-time Performance Insights
Instantly access crucial performance data, from engine health to tyre pressure, ensuring your Volkswagen always operates at its peak.

Fuel Status at a Glance
Keep an eye on your fuel levels in real-time, so you're never caught off guard during your journey.

Immediate Towing Alerts
Receive instant alerts if your Volkswagen requires towing assistance, providing you with timely notifications in case of emergencies.

Monitor Vehicle Location
With Geofencing and Time Fencing, get immediate updates when your Volkswagen is moved outside certain boundaries or at a specific time.

Check Security Status
Receive alerts and updates on the security status of your vehicle, enhancing overall safety.

Car Health Reports
Get proactive maintenance alerts, ensuring your Volkswagen remains in top-notch condition with timely servicing.

Effortless Service Scheduling
Book your service appointments seamlessly with just a few taps, saving you time and hassle.

Connect with Specialists
Reach out to certified specialists directly through the app for expert advice and assistance.

Purchase Service Products
Easily browse and buy recommended service products, ensuring your Volkswagen gets the care it deserves.

Get smart. Stay connected. 

My Volkswagen App

With My Volkswagen, staying connected to the world of Volkswagen has never been easier. Stay worry-free and elevate your Volkswagen experience today!

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Please note this feature is available on select variants, to know more about applicability please contact the nearest dealer.