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Safe like a Volkswagen

Safe like a Volkswagen

Safe like a Volkswagen

When it comes to safety, we never take a backseat. Keeping you protected has always been part of the Volkswagen’s DNA. We laser-weld roofs, mimicking the sturdiness of a turtle shell. We double-check every nook and cranny, upside down and inside out. Even our paints are engineered to make our cars stronger.

Read on to explore our stringent Volkswagen standards for quality and safety.

Volkswagen Subscribe
Volkswagen Subscribe

Experience top-notch, German-engineered cars of your choice at all-inclusive monthly rentals with Volkswagen Subscribe.

Subscribe to a premium driving experience with Volkswagen Subscribe and enjoy what you love doing the most with a Volkswagen - driving it.

Power Leasing

Power Leasing

Volkswagen Power Leasing

At Volkswagen we have always believed in democratizing mobility. With Volkswagen Power Leasing Service, powered by ORIX, you can experience the best of German engineering, the hassle-free way with low rental charges and zero down payment. What's more? The car will be under manufacturer warranty throughout the ownership period.


  • Full coverage of asset related risks.
  • Avoid upfront capital requirements & long term contacts associated with buying.
  • Lower rentals compared to loans factoring.
  • Option to upgrade without hampering budgets.

We call it service.
Hear what our customers have to say.


Keeping our customers at the forefront, we have introduced service initiatives that bring convenience, transparency & cost efficiencies to them. What matters most is that these initiatives delivered on what they were intended for-customer delight.

Hear it now from our customers!

Volkswagen Virtual Showroom
Virtual Showroom

Now get a LIVE demo for any Volkswagen from the comfort of your home. Connect and interact with a sales consultant via an AV interface and get all your queries resolved.

Available at select dealerships only.

Stay connected with your Volkswagen

My Volkswagen Connect

My Volkswagen Connect lets you stay connected to your Volkswagen even when you’re not around it.  It’s an advanced solution that records, analyses and provides you with all the information you need to know about your Volkswagen to deliver an enhanced driving experience.  

Always keep things in check for your Volkswagen. With features like

  • Service History 
  • Anti-Theft Alarm 
  • GeoFencing & Time Fencing And many more

There’s always room for more when it comes to giving you an all-round experience. My Volkswagen Connect ensures you’re in total control of your Volkswagen even from far apart.

Free your mind with a reliable drive
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Volkswagen India - Now on WhatsApp

From chatting up with your pals, to chatting with us for your queries.
From texting your boss, to booking a test drive for the Volkswagen of your choice, like a boss.
With Volkswagen on WhatsApp - convenience is at your fingertips.

There’s a host of features to look forward to on getting started:

- Regular updates about all things Volkswagen
- Reach out to RSA and customer care
- Book a test-drive or service appointment
- Inquire about the after-sales services
- Find your nearest dealership/ service workshop

Start a conversation with us by dropping a message on 843 395 0909 today.

Volkswagen Service Advantages

Volkswagen Assistance

Your next service appointment at your fingertips

Peace of mind, now just a click away

Volkswagen Service Advantages

At Volkswagen, your safety is our priority. Our team is determined to observe every essential hygiene measure, ensuring that every customer wishing to reach out to us feels protected. These measures will be deligently observed at our showrooms as well as service centres.

Volkswagen Service

Get. Set. Go

Explore the power under the hood.

The revolutionary Volkswagen TSI engine is now BS6-Compliant. Awarded the International Engine of the Year as well as the Best Green Engine awards, it strikes a fine balance between both, power and efficiency. Enjoy maximum power, minimum consumption.

Volkswagen Motorsport

Volkswagen Motorsport

With nine years of motorsport history in India, Volkswagen Motorsport continues to be the only OEM directly involved in motorsport in the country. By developing and bringing international technology in the Indian motorsport scenario, we take pride in saying that we have become one of the fastest saloon race cars, setting benchmarks for saloon racing cars in India.

Volkswagen Safety

Your safety first. Always.

Safety is synonymous with Volkswagen. Not only are our cars engineered to keep you safe, our services have also been designed with safety at its core. Read more about all that goes behind engineering a ride that priorities safety.

Why only a Volkswagen 
can build a Volkswagen

Sturdy as a shell

More of an armour

Advanced machines to make
advanced marvels

Why only a Volkswagen 
can build a Volkswagen