The New Volkswagen Taigun

The New Volkswagen

1.0L TSI | 1.5L TSI EVO
Displacement (cc)
999 cc (3 cylinders) | 1498 cc (4 cylinders)
6 Speed Manual, 6 Speed Automatic | 6 Speed Manual, 7 Speed DSG
Max. Power [PS (kW) @rpm]
115 PS (85 kW) @ 5000 – 5500 RPM | 150 PS (110 kW) @5000 – 6000 RPM
Max. Torque [NM @rpm]
178 Nm @ 1750 – 4500 RPM | 250 Nm @ 1600 – 3500 RPM
Starting price
₹ 10 49 900 *

Hustle Mode On

There are those stuck in a usual grind, living a slow burn-out. And then those who live-it-up and go all out.

There’s no holding them back, they’re getting what they want, drifting through every turn in life like a perfect boss.

The New Volkswagen Taigun Hustle Mode On

Bringing their A-game to the table, with every waking day, hour, minute & second. They seek something that matches their unstoppable selves, a dynamic SUVW to complement their every hustle.

Presenting, the New Volkswagen Taigun – Hustle Mode On.

The New Volkswagen Taigun

Engineered for those who hustle nonstop. Who steer clear of comfort zones, chase their dreams fiercely, and change the world one day at a time. This is for those who never stop. 

Turn your #HustleModeOn with a Bold, Dynamic and German-engineered SUVW.

Know more about the design of the New Volkswagen Taigun that makes the exteriors look striking and the interiors look premium, making it a sight to behold, no matter what angle you're looking at it from.


The 360°
Taigun Experience

The 360°
Taigun Experience

Taigun 360

Get a complete view of The New Volkswagen Taigun from the comfort of your screen in 360 degrees.

The image is a visual representation of the top variant. The features & equipment represented in the visual above may/may not be present in the variant you select.

The Taigun
Augmented Reality Experience

The Taigun
Augmented Reality Experience

Taigun AR

Experience the future, enter The New Volkswagen Taigun. 

Get virtually up-close and personal with this dynamic SUVW using our Augmented Reality feature.

*AR experience is dependent on mobile device capability.

The image is a visual representation of the top variant. The features & equipment represented in the visual above may/may not be present in the variant you select.

Bold Mode on

Dressed to hustle, The New Volkswagen Taigun exudes character and charisma turning heads every time it swerves in style. Functionally conceptualized and cleverly constructed, the muscular design exudes power, strength and sturdiness.

The first-in-segment Infinity LED Tail Lamps run seamlessly from edge to edge, creating the impression of an endless beam of light.

Bold Mode On

The New Volkswagen Taigun is striking to the T, inside out. With interiors that catch your eyes the moment you step in, this SUVW combines classy with sporty for a premium driving experience.

The New Volkswagen Taigun is strikingly stylish inside out with sporty Dual Tone Premium Interiors.

Dynamic Mode On

The New Volkswagen Taigun is designed for the unstoppable ones, who steer clear of comfort zones. 

Taigun 1.0L TSI & 1.5L TSI EVO

1.0L TSI & 1.5L TSI EVO

Available in two engine options – the Dynamic Line featuring 1.0 L TSI, which is designed to deliver instant power with minimum consumption, and the Performance Line featuring the 1.5 L TSI EVO with Active Cylinder Technology (ACT), providing power on demand with maximum efficiency.

Taigun 7 Speed DSG

7 Speed DSG

Drive effortlessly the way your heart wants to where your heart wants. Experience the thrill of driving with the New Volkswagen Taigun. 

Taigun Paddle Shifts

Paddle Shifts

Shift gears at the flick of a finger. Experience life in the fast lane with the New Volkswagen Taigun.

Taigun R17 alloy wheels Manila
Imagery is for representation purpose only.

R17 Alloy Wheels – ‘Manila’

For the ones who love to swerve in style. The Manila Alloy Wheels get heads turning, effortlessly.  

Taigun Cruise Control

Cruise Control

Your drives made easy. Cruise at comfortable speeds with the New Volkswagen Taigun. 

Tech Mode On

When it comes to technology, the New Volkswagen Taigun helps you stay one step ahead of the hustle.

Your vibrant persona needs a companion to keep up with your pace. The New Volkswagen Taigun keeps it classy with a state-of-the-art, customizable user interface that lets you switch between analog and digital formats according to your preference.