, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

Ready. Set. Thrill!

Feel the adrenaline rush when you sit behind the wheels powered by a powerful engine, ready to take on the race tracks. Presenting Volkswagen Motorsports, an opportunity that lets your passion for racing fly. We celebrate 10 years of developing and leveraging international technology in the Indian motorsport scenario.

Ameo Cup

The Ameo Cup was flagged of in the year 2017 with the introduction of the ‘Race Ameo’. It is the most advanced cup car from Volkswagen in terms of electronics, chassis and powertrain, which puts it on par with many international race cars. The Race Ameo gives the drivers a better platform to hone their skills and take the right steps towards an international racing career.

The renowned car racing series has been able to put a lot of emerging talent on the global map by training and exposing the young drivers with the latest technological advancements for higher racing categories.

The race program comprises of four race weekends at the three race tracks across India- Coimbatore, Chennai and Delhi. The winner of our championship is given an opportunity to show case his or her talent in a higher-level formula series in India, and internationally through our driver exchange program.

How it began…

Year 2017

Volkswagen Motorsport India has always brought new technology to Indian motorsport. Yet, 2017 saw the benchmark rise sharply with the Race Ameo. A unique combination of the stock Volkswagen GTI engine with the Ameo body spiced up by a raft of race spec equipment gave rise to the Race Ameo.

With 205 PS of power and electronics which are at par with any race series abroad, the Race Ameo is definitely a beast of a car.


Volkswagen customer sport.

Volkswagen Motorsport India launched the customer sport initiative in 2013 with the Polo Group N and expanded it to the Polo R2 to compete in the FMSCI Indian Rally Championship.

The program allows a rally driver to get a factory prepared Volkswagen Polo rally car and have it serviced by a team of his or her choice. All of this is done under the supervision of the performance engineers from Volkswagen Motorsport India. This eliminates the hassles of rallying with modern cars.

Today, the program has grown and now includes track day cars as well.

Get fit to race.

It’s time to kickstart the 10th season of the Ameo Cup and as always, we begin with the Fitness camp.

It is the journey the rookie drivers take to become race drivers.

Volkswagen Motorsport India focuses on the overall development of the race drivers through the Fitness camp, that is organised before the drivers take on the three circuits. A commitment to physical fitness and mental focus is of utmost importance for the drivers. The Fitness camp for this year’s race has been organised at the Multifit Gym, Kalyaninagar, from 18th and 19th of June 2019.

About us

With nine years of motorsport history in India, Volkswagen Motorsport continues to be the only OEM directly involved in motorsport in the country. Aspiring drivers from around the country and neighbouring countries have been trained by our program and have gone on to race internationally.  We are actively involved in all organized motorsport activities in India, be it racing or rallying we are there. Our focus has been primarily on conducting One-make racing championships on a national level every year and 2019 will be our tenth year.

We take pride in developing and bringing international technology in the Indian motorsport scenario. Becoming one of the fastest saloon race cars, Volkswagen Ameo cup car set a benchmark for saloon racing cars in India. The car was completely developed in the Chakan motorsport facility of Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd.

We are also successful in building and testing the sturdiest and safest customer sports vehicles in racing and rallying. In 2018 with the available resources in our backyard we built the ITC Vento TC4- A to participate in the newly introduced Turbo class category. Also we built and tested a 1.2 TSI rally car which is being prepared to face the rally challenges in the future years to come.