, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

After our success in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) for four years on the trot, Volkswagen Motorsport changed its focus to developing customer cars. The Golf GTI TCR was the first new project. It participated in various TCR series globally with resounding success. The focus now is on developing the Polo GTI R5 rally car which will start its participation in the European rally championship later this year.

Volkswagen Motorsport India launched the customer sport initiative in 2013 with the Polo Group N and expanded it to the Polo R2 to compete in the FMSCI Indian Rally Championship.

Our customer program allows a rally driver to get a factory prepared Volkswagen Polo rally car and have it serviced by a team of his or her choice, under the supervision of the performance engineers from Volkswagen Motorsport India. This eliminates the normal hassles faced when rallying with modern cars.

As with all Volkswagen cars, extremely high standards of engineering and safety, impeccable quality, along with reliability is guaranteed. Our program has expanded to include track day cars as well. If you would like a turn-key track day car, please contact us at motorsport@volkswagen.co.in .

We are happy to undertake development of special vehicles to suit any motorsport use.