Taigun Accessories Interior


- Seat Covers that enhance the interior aesthetics and provide comfort
- Protects the car seats against wear & tear, dirt
- Ease of creating multiple design options with the same material

Part Details:
Part Number | Part Name 
6JR-061-603 | Horizontal Design Dual tone - Seat cover (60:40 rear seat split) for Highline
6JR-061-603-C | Horizontal Design Dual tone - Seat cover (100% rear seat split) for Comfortline
6JR-061-603-A | Black with red stitch horizontal design - Seat cover (60:40 rear seat split) for Highline
6JR-061-603-D | Black with red stitch horizontal design- Seat cover (100% rear seat split) for Comfortline
6JR-061-603-B | Diamond Design - Seat cover (60:40 rear seat split) for Highline
6JR-061-603-E | Diamond Design- Seat cover (100% rear seat split) for Comfortline

Volkswagen Genuine Sunblind Rear

Volkswagen Genuine Sunblind (Only Rear Boot Door)

- Easy fitting and removable
- UV Resistance
- No chemical odour
- Product packaging: Set of 1 with mounting fasteners
- For rear boot door

Part Number: 6JR-064-361

Volkswagen Genuine Magnetic Sunblind's (Set Of 2 Pcs)

- Easy fitting, removable with Magnetic solution
- UV Resistance
- No chemical odor
- Product packaging: Set of 2 ( 2 rear door windows) 

Part Number: 6JR-064-364

Volkswagen Genuine Sunblinds Set Of 2 Pcs
Volkswagen Genuine 3D Rubber Foot Mats

Volkswagen Genuine 3D Rubber Foot Mats

- 3 Dimensional design
- Easy fitting, removable
- Safety clips compatible
- Product packaging: Set of 4 (2 front and 2 rear rubber mats)

Part Number: 6JR-061-500-A

Volkswagen Genuine Rubber Foot Mats

- Volkswagen Genuine all-weather floor mats
- Set of 4 for the front and rear
- Driver and co-driver mats with safety clips
- With vehicle lettering
- Made-to-measure and long-lasting
- Durable and washable
- No chemical odour

Part Number: 6JR-061-500

Volkswagen Genuine Rubber Foot Mats
Volkswagen Genuine Textile Foot Mats Basic Quality

Volkswagen Genuine Textile Foot Mats (Basic Quality)

- Volkswagen Genuine Textile floor mats
- Driver and co-driver mats with safety clips
- Set of 4 for the front and rear
- With vehicle lettering
- Made-to-measure and long-lasting
- Durable and washable

Part Number: 6JR-061-404

Volkswagen Genuine Textile Foot Mats (High Quality)

- Volkswagen Genuine all-weather floor mats with NUBUK tape contour.
- Driver and co-driver mats with safety clips
- Set of 4 for the front and rear
- With vehicle lettering
- Made-to-measure and long-lasting
- Durable and washable

Part Number: 6JR-061-270

Volkswagen Genuine Textile Foot Mats (High Quality)
Volkswagen Genuine Coolbox

Volkswagen Genuine Coolbox 12/230V
cooling and heating function, battery discharge protection, energy label A­

Cool drinks during the hot summer months and warm food after four hours of driving. No problem with the energy-efficient Volkswagen Genuine cool and thermos box in a Genuine Volkswagen design. The box has a capacity of approx. 24 litres (use of insulation cover) and ensures the right temperature at all times. It can be used to transport 2-litre bottles upright without any problems and the power is supplied either via the 12 Volt in the vehicle or 230 Volt at home or in your hotel. The battery discharge protection feature as well as an additional insulation cover intended as a replacement for the cooling cover included in the scope of supply provide you with the necessary safety and greatest possible comfort. Energy efficiency class F (rated in accordance with the new classification from Regulation 2019/2016).

Part Number: 000-065-400-F

Volkswagen Genuine Snake Hook For The Headrest

Attach goods weighing up to 2 kg to the headrest bar and off you go.

Part Number: 000-061-126-A -041

Volkswagen Genuine Snake Hook For The Headrest
Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hanger Chrome

Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hanger (Chrome)

- Guaranteed crease-free clothing, even during the journey
- Perfectly integrated into the vehicle interior
- Ideal for coats and jackets

Part Number: 00V-061-127

Volkswagen Genuine Kids View Mirror

- The additional interior rearview mirror makes it easier for you to keep your children and the traffic behind you in view
- Better field of vision when parking
- Securely connected to windshield/ instrument Panel in the event of an accident and would not be thrown through the car

Part Number: 000-072-549-A

Volkswagen Genuine Kids View Mirror
Volkswagen Genuine Child Seat

Volkswagen Genuine Child Seat
i-SIZE Trifix, children 15 to 48 months/76-105 cm/18 kg, according to standard R129/CCC

- 76 – 105 cm (15 months – 4 years | 18 kg)
- Approved according to R129 (i-SIZE) and CCC
- All-round safety – thanks to the outstanding side impact protection “SICT inside” and Pivot Link ISOFIX system
- Easy installation thanks to integrated ISOFIX and Top Tether – for more free space in the footwell of your car
- Adjustable height and 5-point harness system – for safety and comfort on the road
- Integrated side impact protection technology (SICT inside)
- The Pivot Link System significantly reduces the risk of head and neck injuries
- Its unique stitching ensures that it tears gradually in a controlled manner, reducing the forces involved in a frontal impact
- V-shaped headrest was specially designed to control the movement of a child’s sensitive head in the event of a side impact
- Deep, softly padded side bolsters
- Special soft neoprene shoulder pads
- 5-point belt system protects your child in the event of an accident from all sides
- Multi-adjustable positions
- The seat belt buckle remains in a forward-facing position so that you can comfortably buckle your child in their seat
- Cover can be removed quickly

Part Number: 11A-019-909

Volkswagen Genuine Car Safety Hammer 

- Glass breaking hammer
- LED torch
- Seat belt cutter

Part Number: 6JR-093-101

Volkswagen Genuine Car Safety Hammer
Volkswagen Genuine Luggage Net

Volkswagen Genuine Luggage Net

Luggage net protects the luggage compartment against falling cargo when the boot lid is opened.

It is quickly and easily secured into the side of the luggage compartment using fastening hooks.

Part Number: 6JR-065-110

Volkswagen Genuine Double-Sided Rubber/Textile Boot Mat

Easy fitting, removable and washable, these double-sided boot mats keep dust at bay as well as help you transport dirty or moist objects. They also retain water and prevent dirt from getting on the carpet.

Part Number: 6JR-061-210

Volkswagen Genuine Double-sided rubber and textile boot mat
Volkswagen Genuine pillow

Volkswagen Genuine Cushion Pillow Set of 2

- Simple comfortable car cushions to maximize the comfort of the driver and passengers
- Memory foam cushions
- Set of 2 units

Part Number: 7E0-084-508-CPC

Volkswagen Genuine Carbon Air Filter

- High impact multiple layer filtration also in extreme conditions
- Keep out emission pollutants, erosive particles  and fine dust that are up to ten million times smaller to enter into deep regions of the lungs
- An additional layer of activated carbon, phases out pollutants, including formaldehyde, benzene and VOC
- Filter out the odour/smell
- Following the emission & burning behaviour test procedures
- Filter out 99% of ozone which can cause headache, throat irritation & watery eyes
- Ensures maximum protection especially for sensitive groups like babies,
families, elderlies and businessmen alike
- Recyclable (eco friendly) raw material

Part Number: 6JR-091-700

Volkswagen Genuine Filter
Volkswagen Genuine dustbin

Volkswagen Genuine Dustbin

- Universal dustbin can fit in all kind of car cup holder
- Spring loaded lid prevents trash to come out
- It is made of washable material

Part Number: 000-096-307-CV-DST

Volkswagen Genuine Tissue Box

- Easy to carry and can store bundles of tissue
- Easy to accommodate in a car

Part Number: 000-061-108-BOX

Volkswagen Genuine Tissue Box
Volkswagen Genuine waste bag

Volkswagen Genuine Waste Bag Solution

The Volkswagen original “clean solution” waste bag really helps you keep your Taigun clean. The textile bag easily attaches to the headrest bar of the front seat and can be removed when not required.

Part Number: 000-061-107-CBS