Volkswagen Accessories Car Care

Car Care

Volkswagen Accessories Car Care


Look and feel fresh
Keep your car looking and smelling fresh with this handy shampoo!
Available in 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml packages.

Part number:
50 ml: 000-096-315-G
100 ml: 000-096-315-F
250 ml: 000-096-315-E
500 ml: 000-096-315-D

Wax Polish

Wax on. Wax off.
For regaining the shine and glossy effect on the surface.

Part Number:
50 ml: 000-096-317-H
100 ml: 000-096-317-G
250 ml: 000-096-317-F
500 ml: 000-096-317-E

Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Wax Polish
Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Micro Fiber Cloth

Micro Fibre Cloth

Micro cleaning done right
Micro Fibre Cloth for cleaning purpose

Part Number:
Blue: 000-096-151-E
White: 000-096-151-F

Windshield Washer

Spotless always!
Clean your windshield effectively, leaving no dirt behind! Simply fill the fluid in the water tank and see it in action. Available in 50 ml, 100 ml and 250 ml packages.

Part Number:
50 ml: 000-096-311-K
100 ml: 000-096-311-J
250 ml: 000-096-311-H

Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Windshield Washer
Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Alloy Wheel Cleaner

A clean car is a happy driver
To clean the alloy from the tough dirt/ tar and get the shine back as original.

Part Number:
50 ml: 000-096-304-H
100 ml: 000-096-304-G
250 ml: 000-096-304-F
500 ml: 000-096-304-E

Glass Cleaner

Spotless screens
A flawless windshield and window is now a wash away with the Volkswagen's special water base glass cleaner.

Part Number:
50 ml: 000-096-316-C
100 ml: 000-096-316-B
250 ml: 000-096-316-A
500 ml: 000-096-316

Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Glass Cleaner
Volkswagen Accessories Car Care

Interior Cleaner

Clean inside
Maintain the insides of your car with the Volkswagen interior cleaner that helps you keep the dashboard, carpet, fabric and PVC/leather seats as clean as a whistle.

Part Number:
50 ml: 000-096-301-G
100 ml: 000-096-301-F
250 ml: 000-096-301-E
500 ml: 000-096-301-D

Tyre Shine

Spick and span wheels
The tyres of the car are the only part of the car that are constantly in touch with the road. Hence, it is important to remove dirt and clean the tyre for superior grip and traction from the car. Introducing the Volkswagen Tyre Shine spray can to keep the wheels of your car in superior condition.

Part Number:
50 ml: 000-096-318-C
100 ml: 000-096-318-B
250 ml: 000-096-318-A
500 ml: 000-096-318

Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Tyre Shine
Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Sponge


Clean your car without leaving any scratches with this handy sponge.

Part Number: 000-096-353-C

Cleaning Brush

Brush it off!

Cleaning brush for vehicle interior

Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Cleaning Brush
Volkswagen Accessories Car Care Standard Kit

Standard Kit

Thorough cleaning partner
Pamper your car with the Complete Car Care Kit from Volkswagen.

Kit Includes:
Glass Cleaner, Shampoo, Wax Polish, Tyre Shine, Interior Cleaner, Windshield Washer

250 ml Car Care kit is standard kit which comes with 6 different product bottles of 250 ml each along with sponge , spary heads & cleaning cloth. One kit includes Glass Cleaner, Shampoo, Wax Polish, Tyre Shine, Interior Cleaner and Windshiled Washer

Part Number: 6RW-096-354

Starter Kit

Thorough cleaning partner
Pamper your car with the Complete Car Care Kit from Volkswagen.

Kit Includes:
Glass Cleaner, Sha