Winter Care

Get your Volkswagen 
ready for the winters
With exclusive car care tips

As the year comes to a close, winter’s chilly embrace is upon us once again. To ensure your winter drives are as enjoyable as possible, here are some easy-to-follow tips.

When driving through misty winters, it is common for cars to have a wet brake. To ensure seamless steering and braking, it is advised to check your brakes. So, if you hear a squeaky noise when you press the brake pedal,  it is advisable to take your car to a certified technician and ensure that your brakes are dry and in top-notch condition.

Just like your eyeglasses, it’s common for your headlight lens to fog up during the winter season. 

To ensure absolute clarity, keep your headlights on for 15 mins before driving in an area that has no illumination.

If your battery is too old, cold temperatures can often lead to power loss. This will result in you having to jump start your car more often. As the winter temperature drops, so may the power of your battery.

Visit your closest Volkswagen Service centre for a check-up to ensure your car battery is ready to take on the winter season.

Moisture can affect your car’s air conditioner and cold temperatures may create a mist on your windscreen.

To avoid this, visit your nearest Volkswagen Service centre and ensure the HVAC system is working optimally.

Always be winter-ready by keeping an Emergency Kit in your car.  Visit your nearest Volkswagen Service centre or order your kit online.