Summer Car Care

Ensure your ride’s ready for the summer,
with Volkswagen Service.

It’s that time of the year, the summer heat is at its peak and your car requires extra attention. Its exposure to intense temperatures for a long period of time can affect its efficiency. 

Hence, we are committed to bringing you certified tips on maintaining your Volkswagen during the summer.

Drive with a cool mind amidst the scorching heat

In this extreme summer heat, an air conditioning system is more than just a pleasant convenience. And, irrespective of how powerful your AC unit might be, it will take a while to remove all the trapped heat from the car. 

Therefore, it is advisable to roll down the car windows to let out the heat. Once your car’s interior temperature matches the outside, roll up the windows and switch on your AC.

Maintaining the engine oil levels through the summer is a good car care habit. This makes sure your car doesn’t overheat and your car fluids are at appropriate levels. 

Get your Volkswagen Engine Oil levels checked by a certified technician today.

Ensure a longer life span for your car’s battery

The scorching summer heat causes an increase in fluid loss and corrosion of battery components. So, if your battery is over three years old, it is recommended to have it tested by a technician at any authorised workshops.

Enjoy smoother drives this summer

It is common for cars to experience excessive tread wear. Having the right tyre pressure will prevent this and improve your car’s mileage.

Maximise your visibility
Steer with clarity on the roads

Summers are known for thunderstorms and it’s advisable that you switch out your wiper blades for a new set.

Stop in time, for safer drives

During summers, chances are your brake pads might wear out. If you hear screeching sounds, it’s time to get them checked.

This summer, make your car a top priority. Visit the nearest Volkswagen service centre to avail your services.

Your Volkswagen deserves a cool spot

In summers, all vehicles naturally trap heat and under direct sunlight, your car will quickly turn into an oven. 

It is advisable to park in the shade and keep a sun-shield beneath the windshield which will help keep the in-car temperature low.

Keep your cabin, dust-free

The hot and dusty weather carries pollen, dust, and other substances leading to clogged air filters and foul-smelling interiors.

Hence, it is best to clean out your air filters seasonally in order to prevent damage and unwanted allergies.