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Wheel & Tire Care

Volkswagen Genuine Active TPMS

Volkswagen Genuine Active TPMS

The Virtus' Tire-pressure monitoring system reports real-time tire pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, so you can take on the road with assurance.

Part Number: 6JR-071-210

Volkswagen Genuine Tire Inflator

  • Compact & Portable design
  • Air compressor helps to inflate tires
  • Long hose for ease of use
  • Dial Pressure Gauge to monitor air pressure in tire
  • Accurately fitting SK branding carry case
  • Velcro backing for fitment inside trunck

Part Number: 6JR-071-211

Volkswagen Genuine Tire inflator
Volkswagen Genuine Tire Inflator Case Bag

Volkswagen Genuine Tire Inflator Case Bag

  • Case bag used to store the Tire Inflator
  • Velcro strap helps to hold the boot carpet and remain at defined position

Part Number: 6JR-071-211-  -ICB

Volkswagen Genuine Valve Caps

  • Customizes the car down to the smallest detail.
  • The four valve caps with embossed Volkswagen logo provide the valves with better protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

Part Number: 000-071-215

Volkswagen Genuine Valve Caps
Volkswagen Genuine Hand Gloves

Volkswagen Genuine Hand Gloves

  • PU Coated gloves
  • Re-usable
  • Designed for heavy work like changing tyres and repair work

Part Number: 000-07C-GLV

Volkswagen Genuine Puncture Kit

  • All in one kit
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry

Part Number: 000-07C-ORM-TP-KIT

Volkswagen Genuine Puncture Kit