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Volkswagen Genuine Mud Flaps Sets 

  • Easy fitting, should match the body wheel house mounting points
  • Holes on the mud flaps should be dimensionally suitable for the norm parts
  • Should have stiffness at the mounting points and flexible at the bottom end
  • Should not cause any kind of damage to the body during use 

Part Number: 5JP-075-110

Virtus Volkswagen Genuine Mud Flaps Sets
Virtus Volkswagen Genuine Body Covers Car Covers

Volkswagen Genuine Car Cover

  • Protective from UV rays
  • Keeps the car cool with an external heat retardant
  • Tough stitching / locked stitching
  • Mirror pocket and antenna pocket integrated in the design
  • Non sticky material for a smooth fit
  • Body contour design
  • Water resistant
  • Features the Volkswagen logo in the front and branding at the rear
  • Product packaging:  1 Pc/bag with the bag made of the same material which is used for producing car cover.

Part Number: 5JP-061-205