Vento Accessories Interior


Volkswagen Genuine Seat Covers

Sit back and relax
Modern and striking, the horizontal design makes adds a dash of elegance to the interiors of your car.
Available in corn silk and pearl grey colour options.

UV resistance
Easy to fit and maintain
Tear resistance
Fire retardant
No chemical odour

Product packaging: 1 Set/bag
Part Number: 6RF-061-602-D

Volkswagen Genuine Mats

Mat down!
An absolute essential, these handy rubber mats ensure that the floor of your car is protected against dust and mud.

- Easy fitting, removable
- Safety clips compatible

Product packaging: Set of 4 (2 front and 2 rear rubber mats)
Part Number: 6RF-061-500-A

Vento Sun Blinds

Volkswagen Genuine Sun Blinds

Sunny side down
An absolute essential, these handy rubber mats ensure that the floor of your car is protected against dust and mud.

- Easy fitting, removable
- UV Resistance
- No chemical odour

Product packaging: Set of 5 (2 rear windows, rear windshield & 2 quarter glass)
Part Number: 6RF-064-365

Carbon Activated Cabin Air Filter

Carbon activated cabin filters are used which can filter bacteria, dust, odour, fumes, pollen and noxious gases from surrounding to enter in car.

Part Number: 6RG-091-700

Vento Carbon Activated Cabin Air Filter
Vento Waste Bag

Waste Bag

No time to waste
The Volkswagen Genuine waste bag "clean solution" really is a clean thing The textile bag is simple to fix to the headrest bar of the front seat and easy to remove when not required. The roll of plastic rubbish bags included makes longer trips as well as driving with children more pleasant and the car stays clean.

A replacement roll is included in the scope of supply.

Part Number: 000-061-107

Volkswagen Genuine Thermobox (12/230V)

Meet your summer saviour
Cool drinks during the hot summer months and warm food after four hours of driving. No problem with the energy-efficient Volkswagen Genuine cool and thermos box in a Genuine Volkswagen design. The box has a capacity of approx. 25 litres and ensures the right temperature at all times.

Part Number: 000-065-400-F

Vento Thermobox
Vento Kids watch mirror

Volkswagen Genuine Kids watch mirror | Additional Rear-view Mirror

Watch over your loved ones
The additional interior rear view mirror makes it easier for you to keep your children and the traffic behind you in view. Furthermore, you also have a better field of vision when parking. You can adjust the additional interior rear view mirror according to your particular needs thanks to the integrated flexible joint. The mirror is attached to the windscreen or instrument panel using a special suction cup and is thus connected securely in the event of an accident and cannot be thrown through the car.

Part Number: 000-072-549-A

Volkswagen Genuine Espresso maker (12V)

The highlight for any vehicle with a 12V socket, the AutoSet espresso maker.
There isn't always somewhere to buy and enjoy a good espresso with a fantastic crema. You may be stuck in traffic, for example, heading off on holidays, returning from a long walk in the woods or about to go home for the evening. That's all in the past, thanks to the AutoSet.

The AutoSet includes the following, so there's nothing stopping you enjoying that first espresso:
- 1 espresso maker that can be operated via the 12V socket inside the vehicle
- 2 unbreakable espresso cups
- 1 serviette
- 25 sample pods so that you can enjoy your first delicious espresso while on the move
- 1 robust storage and transport case
- The unbreakable cups are fixed in place in the specially dedicated recess in the case

Part Number: 000-069-641

Vento Espresso maker
Vento Dual Tone Horn Kit

Volkswagen Dual Tone Horn Kit

The Dual Tone Horn Kit is for a driver who truly believes in safety. These horns are sure to grab attention needed in a critical situation.

Part Number: 6RF-093-806-  -KIT