Vento Accessories


Vento Body Side Moulding in PU

Volkswagen Genuine Body Side Moulding in PU

Sport the sporty
The body side mouldings add a sportier look to your Volkswagen and is available in sporty looking chromed or elegant looking black designs.

- Body Side Molding PU dome is self adhesive so easy to fit/assemble
- Architecture of part similar to VW Logo on the Volkswagen Keys
- Body side molding PU dome enhances the car image into a sportier design
- Containing of 4 body side moldings ( 2 front and 2 rear )

Part Number:
Black (VW251): 6RF-071-328-E
Chrome (VW251): 6RF-071-328-B

Volkswagen Genuine Mud Flaps

Keep the dust away
Protect your car's body from mud, dirt and gravel with these sturdy mud flaps.

- Easy fitting
- Stiffness at the mounting points and flexible at the bottom end
- Protects the car from dust, gravel and stones
- Set of 4 ( 2 front and 2 rear mud flaps)

Part Number: 6RF-075-110-A

Vento Mud Flaps
Vento Trunk Lip Spoiler

Volkswagen Genuine Trunk Lip Spoiler

Spoiler alert!
The trunk lip spoiler enhances the aesthetics of your car and adds a sportier look and feel to your Volkswagen.

It is available in primed or in Reflex Silver, Candy White, Flash Red, Deep Black, Night Blue, Toffee Brown, Carbon Steel Grey, titanium Beige, and Silk Blue colour options.

Part Number:
Primed: 6RF-071-641-  -GRU
Reflex Silver: 6RF-071-641-  -A7W
Carbon Steel Grey: 6RF-071-641-  -A9W
Titanium Beige: 6RF-071-641-  -A1X
Candy White: 6RF-071-641-  -B9A
Deep Black: 6RF-071-641-  -C9X

Disclaimer - This accessory is not available for Vento TSI Turbo Edition

Volkswagen Genuine Scuff Plate

Personalized elegance
These elegant looking scuff plates install easily and protect your car while someone enters/ exits it against boot prints, sctratches, etc.

- Easy and quick installation w/. automotive adhesive
- Car name lettering on front plates and rear w/o lettering- only design.
- Scratch proof coating with mirror and brushed finish
- Alu version (0.8mm)

Product packaging: Set of 4 ( 2 front and 2 rear )
Part Number (VW251): 6RF-071-303

Vento Scuff Plate
Vento Car Cover

Volkswagen Genuine Car Cover

Cover it up!
Protect your Volkswagen from the sun, dust, rain and more while it's parked.

- Protect from UV rays
- Keeps your car cool with external heat retardant.
- Tough stitching / locked stitching.
- Mirror pocket and antenna pocket integrated.
- Non sticky material for smooth fitment.
- Body contour skin fitment.
- Water resistant.
- VW logo in the front and VOLKSWAGEN written at the rear.
- 1 Pc/bag. Bag made of same material used for on car cover.

Part Number (VW251): 6RF-061-205

Volkswagen Genuine Valve Caps

Be a part of the authentic club
Protect your tyres in style with valve caps with Volkswagen logo branding

Part Number: 000-071-215

Vento Valve Caps
Vento Rim Lock

Volkswagen Genuine Rim Lock

Secure your alloy wheels even more effectively against jealous thieves with the theft-hindering wheel bolt locking set.

Colour: Black. (1 set = 4 pieces)
Part Number: 000-071-597-D

Volkswagen Trunk Garnish

Make your Vento look sportier with the Trunk Garnish.

Part Number:
6RF-071-360 (PU Chrome)
6RF-071-360-A (PU Black)

Vento Trunk Garnish
Vento Alloy Wheel Syenit

Volkswagen Light alloy wheel 7 J x 16, Syenit

The light alloy wheels makes your Vento look its stylish best.

Part Number:
6R0-071-496-  -16Z (anthracite gloss machined)
6R0-071-496-  -AX1 (syenit, black)