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Volkswagen Genuine Key Tag Leather/Metal With The New Volkswagen Logo

  • Business key tag made of leather with metal clip
  • Material: Metal & Leather
  • Gross Weight: 0.04 KG

Part Number: 000-087-011-K

Volkswagen Genuine Key Tag With The New Volkswagen Logo

  • Enamel key tag with Volkswagen logo
  • Ø approx. 37 mm
  • Advertising Material Collection
  • Material: Metal
  • Gross Weight: 0.028 KG

Part Number: 000-087-010-BQ

Volkswagen Genuine Key Tag Silver, Engraved Metal With The New Volkswagen Logo

  • High-quality metal key fob with faux leather
  • with engraved Volkswagen logo
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Metal
  • Gross Weight: 0.04 KG

Part Number: 000-087-010-BM-YPN

Ballpoint pen and key tag kit

Volkswagen Genuine Welcome box “Standard”,
with ballpoint pen and key tag

  • “Standard” welcome box with the Volkswagen logo
  • High-quality cardboard, with a soft touch surface covering
  • Recesses for two business cards and the vehicle key

Part Number: 000-087-700-AK

Volkswagen Genuine Key Tag With The New Volkswagen Logo

  • This key tag is a wonderful accessory for Volkswagen fans
  • Its design is shaped like the New Volkswagen logo and made of high-quality metal and includes a key tag
  • Its shiny silver look makes it an absolute eye-catcher

Part Number: 000-087-010-BN

Volkswagen Genuine Key Tag Black, Leather/Metal

  • Metal logo on round black leather

Part Number: 000-087-010-BE-ZMD

Volkswagen Genuine White Baseball Cap With The New Volkswagen Logo

  • Material information: 100 % cotton
  • Colour: White 
  • Size: ONE SIZE
  • Design: New Volkswagen

Part Number: 

Baseball Cap

Volkswagen Genuine Baseball cap “Legendary Years of Motorsport”, Motorsport Collection

Baseball cap “Legendary Years of Motorsport”, Motorsport Collection
The visor and front of the cap are white and green. A “Legendary Years of Motorsport” print adorns the front of the cap. The other four panels are lapis blue. Volkswagen Motorsport is embroidered on the right side. The Volkswagen logo is printed on the left, beside the green insert. An embossed Volkswagen logo also features on the rear clasp.

Part Number: 5NG-084-300-B

Volkswagen Genuine Umbrella Black With The New Volkswagen Logo

  • FARE® AOC mini pocket umbrella in black with Volkswagen logo
  • The logo is shown printed on an umbrella
  • The umbrella opens/closes automatically, 53 cm/8-part,
  • 3-part framework with a chrome-plated steel shaft. In addition, the pocket umbrella is equipped as follows: nickel tips, 100 %
  • Polyester pongee cover, windproof system, approx. 97 cm Ø, closed approx. 28 cm long, weight approx. 345 g

Part Number: 000-087-602-P

Volkswagen Genuine Model Car 1:43

The "Type 4" that was produced from 1968 to 1974 was based on the tried and tested Beetle concept with air-cooled Boxer engine in the rear. Its self-supporting bodywork was fitted with (for the first time in a Volkswagen for civilians) four doors. You could select from a hatchback or an estate version. Up until 1972, the "Super Beetle" with the passionate name "Nasenbär" ("Coati") rolled from the production line as VW411, afterwards as 412.

Part Number: 211-099-300-N -M6Z

Volkswagen Genuine Red Cushion, Heritage

The cushion has a red cotton cover printed with a Heritage print. The cover is removable and can be closed with a zip fastener. Both the cushion filling and the cushion cover are washable. The pillow is delivered vacuumed.

Part Number: 7E0-084-508

Volkswagen Genuine Sunglasses

  • Fashionable his and hers sunglasses
  • GTI logo print and diamond design make these sunglasses a must in the sunshine
  • Black hard case included.

Part Number: 1KV-087-901-A -6J1

Volkswagen Genuine Ballpoint Pen

2-in-1 ballpoint pen with integrated highlighter (yellow).

Part Number: 000-087-703-MH-084

Ballpoint pen

Volkswagen Genuine Ballpoint Pen

  • Plastic ballpoint pen
  • Black, with blue ink
  • With the new Volkswagen logo

Part Number: 000-087-703-ME-041