Tiguna Masterhead Accessories



Volkswagen Genuine Luggage Net

  • The Volkswagen Original luggage net ensures safe transport of objects in the luggage space
  • It is quickly and easily secured using fastening hooks.

Part Number: 5N0-065-111

Volkswagen Genuine Boot Tray Deep Trunk Floor

Boot tray for vehicles with base luggage compartment floor. The practical and robust Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment tray protects the luggage compartment from dirt and prevents the loads being transported from slipping. The plastic tray is washable and designed to fit perfectly in the vehicle. The surrounding raised rim of approx. 4 cm prevents liquids running out onto the vehicle floor. With vehicle lettering.

Part Number: 5NA-061-161-E

Volkswagen Genuine Boot Tray Deep Trunk Floor
Volkswagen Genuine Textile mat

Volkswagen Genuine Textile Floor Mats

The Volkswagen Genuine textile floor mats are made from durable, high-quality velour with Tiguan branding, and create a visual highlight that also helps to protect the car interior. They attach to the floor easily with a 2-point fastening system to ensure that they not slip or turn.

Part Number: 5NC-061-270-WGK

Volkswagen Genuine All-weather Floor Mats

The Volkswagen Genuine all-weather mats protect your vehicle interior against dirt and moisture. They are designed to fit perfectly, are easy to clean and have a non-slip underside. The floor mats are also 100% recyclable, very sturdy and durable. The material allows the Genuine all-weather floor mats to be considerably lighter than normal floor mats.

Part Number:

Front: 5NC-061-502-  -82V
Rear: 5NA-061-512-  -82V

Volkswagen Genuine Rubber mat
Volkswagen Genuine Pedal caps DSG

Volkswagen Genuine Sporty Pedal Caps, For DSG

  • The non-slip pedal caps are made from high-quality, brushed stainless steel with an anti-slip coating
  • Gives the footwell a sporty and elegant appearance

Part Number: 5G2-064-205

Volkswagen Genuine Thermo Box

  • Energy-efficient Volkswagen Genuine cool and thermos box
  • Capacity of approx. 25 litres and ensures the right temperature at all times
  • Power is supplied either via the 12 Volt in the vehicle or 230 Volt at home or in your hotel

Part Number: 000-065-400-F

Volkswagen Genuine Thermobox
Volkswagen Genuine Child Seat

Volkswagen Genuine Child Seat
i-SIZE Dualfix, children up to 48 months/105 cm/18 kg, according to standard R129 

- Birth – 105 cm (≈ 4 years | 18 kg)
- Approved according to R129 (i-SIZE)
- Full flexibility – forward or backward facing up to 4 years with 360 degree rotation
- Backward-facing for safe and comfortable journeys over an extended period: from birth to 4 years – thanks to more legroom resulting from flexible adjustable support arms
- Completely secure without any compromises – with SICT inside and Pivot Link ISOFIX system
- Adjustable support arms
- The Pivot Link System significantly reduces the risk of head and neck injuries
- Multi-adjustable positions
- Deep, softly padded side bolsters
- V-shaped headrest was specially designed to control the movement of a child’s sensitive head in the event of a side impact
- Special soft neoprene shoulder pads
- 5-point belt system protects your child in the event of an accident from all sides
- Height-adjustable struts
- Cover can be removed quickly
- Newborn insert 

Part Number: 11A-019-902 

Volkswagen Genuine Cushion Pillow Set of 2

Simple comfortable car cushions to maximize the comfort of the driver and passengers

Part Number: 7E0-084-508-  -CPC

Volkswagen Genuine Cushion Pillow Set of 2

Volkswagen Genuine Kids View Mirror

  • The additional interior rear view mirror makes it easier for you to keep your children and the traffic behind you in view
  • Better field of vision when parking
  • Securely connected to Windshiled/ Instrument Panel in the event of an accident and would not be thrown through the car

Part Number: 000-072-549-A

Volkswagen Genuine Tiguan Magnetic Sunblind (Set of 4)

Easy to use, made to measure: with the Volkswagen Genuine sunblind for the rear side windows, the luggage compartment side windows and the rear window, you can protect your vehicle interior from direct sunlight without affecting your view or road safety. The sunblind is simple to fit and remove when it is not required with magnetic type fitment. The window can still be opened when it is installed. It provides additional UV protection and reduces both the amount people can see into the vehicle and the blinding effect caused by other road users.

Part Number: 5NL-064-365-PA-SUN

Volkswagen Genuine Tiguan Magnetic Sunblind
Volkswagen Genuine Tissue Box

Volkswagen Genuine Tissue Box

  • Easy to carry and can store  bundles of tissue
  • Easy to accommodate  in car.

Part Number: 000-061-108-  -BOX

Volkswagen Genuine Car Safety Hammer

Part Number: 6JR-093-101
Volkswagen Genuine Car Safety Hammer