Tiguna Masterhead Accessories


Volkswagen Tiguan Genuine Roof Box

Volkswagen Genuine Roof Box

  • Optimised aerodynamic design that reduces unpleasant driving noises as far as possible
  • Adapted to the modern design line of the Volkswagen models

Part Number: 000-071-200

Volkswagen Genuine Supporting Rods T-groove

The Volkswagen Genuine supporting rods are the ideal basic system for all attachments. The supporting rods, which have been City Crash Plus tested to Volkswagen's strict standards, have an aerodynamic aluminium profile on which e.g. surf board, bicycle, ski and snowboard holders or the practical roof boxes can be fastened. The supporting rods are delivered completely pre-assembled and can be easily attached to the roof rails of your Volkswagen. The supporting rods can be locked to prevent theft. The easy-to-install aero profile with a structured surface minimises wind noise. A torque wrench is also included in the delivery.

Part Number: 5QF-071-151

Volkswagen Genuine Supporting Rods T-groove
Volkswagen Tiguan Genuine Bicycle holder

Volkswagen Genuine Bicycle holder

  • Uniquely designed frame holder and wheel rail, automatically ensuring the bicycle is correctly positioned
  • The innovative torque limiting rotary knob controls the torque applied to the bicycle, making sure the bicycle is secured properly

Part Number: 000-071-128-F

Volkswagen Genuine Door Draught Deflector Front, Smoke Grey

The door wind deflectors for the front, side vehicle doors enable optimal ventilation of the vehicle interior, which contributes to your driving comfort. They improve the interior climate and allow you to enjoy circulating fresh air even when it is raining or snowing. When the sun is shining, they prevent unpleasant heat build-up in the vehicle interior when the windows are opened to slightly above the lower edge of the wind deflectors.

Part Number: 5NA-072-193-HU3

Volkswagen Tiguan Genuine Door Windvisor
Volkswagen Tiguan Genuine Mudflaps

Volkswagen Genuine Mud Flap

  • Long lasting and durable
  • Effectively protects the underbody and bumpers against excessive dirt
  • Significantly reduces the impact of dangerous road chippings and water spray

Part Number:
Rear: 5NA-075-101

Volkswagen Genuine Scuff Plates

  • An eye-catcher when getting in
  • High-quality aluminium sill panel trims protect the entry areas
  • Provides an individual look

Part Number: 5NA-071-303

Volkswagen Genuine Scuff plates

Volkswagen Genuine Car Cover

  • Perfectly fit which protects the car fro surrounding  & easy for the application
  • Water resistant & UV & Thermal Protection
  • Low GSM hence light in weight
  • Fire Protection with very low rate of burning

Part Number: 5NC-061-205-PA-COV

Volkswagen Genuine Protective Strip For The Tailgate Chrome Look

A dazzling finish gives the vehicle a refined and elegant look in a matter of moments. It can be adhered to the lower edge of the rear hatch quickly and easily, and simultaneously serves as an edge protector.

Part Number: 5NA-071-360

Volkswagen Genuine Trunk Garnish
Volkswagen Tiguna Footboard for the side skirt Aluminium

Volkswagen Genuine Footboard for the side skirt Aluminium, Silver, anodised

  • All necessary attachment parts included
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Carrying capacity 200 kg per board
  • Side collision requirements met
  • Compatible with wheel housing extension

Part Number: 5NA-071-691

Volkswagen Genuine Roof Edge Spoiler Deep Black Pearl Effect

The Volkswagen Genuine roof edge spoiler not only looks good but is also effective. Its understated sporty look significantly enhances the tail end of the vehicle while simultaneously improving the aerodynamics. The roof edge spoiler has been precisely matched to the rear lid and is made of an especially impact-resistant and durable material.

Part Number: 5NA-071-644-C9X

Volkswagen Genuine Roof edge spoiler Deep Black Pearl Effect
Volkswagen Genuine Hub Cap

Volkswagen Genuine Hub Cap

  • Volkswagen Genuine dynamic hubcaps
  • With the new Volkswagen logo
  • The logo stays straight while the wheels rotate
  • The set consists of four hubcaps
  • Made from impact-resistant plastic

Part Number: 000-071-213-D

Volkswagen Genuine Loading Sill Protection Stainless Steel Look

  • Perfect protection with an elegant look
  • Protects the bumper against scratches when loading and unloading the luggage compartment
  • Attaches quickly and easily

Part Number: 5NA-061-195-A

Volkswagen Genuine Trunk Garnish