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Wheel & Tire Care

Volkswagen Genuine Active TPMS

Volkswagen Genuine Active TPMS

Tire-pressure monitoring system reports real-time tire pressure
information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a gauge, a pictogram display, or a simple low-pressure warning light.

Part Number: 6JR-071-210

Volkswagen Genuine Valve Caps

Customizes the car down to the smallest detail.

The four valve caps with embossed Volkswagen logo provide the valves with better protection against dust, dirt and moisture.

Part Number: 000-071-215

Volkswagen Genuine Valve Caps
Volkswagen Genuine Tire inflator

Volkswagen Genuine Tire Inflator

- Compact & portable design
- Air compressor helps to inflate tires
- Long hose for ease of use
- Dial pressure gauge to monitor air pressure in tire
- Velcro backing for fitment inside trunck

Part Number: 6JR-071-211

Volkswagen Genuine Tire Inflator Case Bag

Use this case bag used to store the tire inflator. With Velcro strap to help hold the boot carpet and remain at defined position.

Part Number: 6JR-071-211-ICB

Volkswagen Genuine Tire Inflator Case Bag