Merchandise & Lifestyle

Porcelain mug
Drink coffee and drive

Porcelain mug in Matte Blue with one large and several small instances of T-Roc lettering in relief print, with a glossy, tone-in-tone look.

Part Number: 2GA-069-601

Ballpoint Pen with USB

Ballpoint pen with 4GB USB Stick
Pen down big ideas

Black, soft-touch twist-action ballpoint pen from Klio with matt chrome-plated metal tip and integrated USB stick (4GB) in the upper section. With grey T-Roc lettering on the clip. The pen is accommodated in a storage pocket. The ballpoint pen and USB stick can be used in parallel with full functionality.

Part Number: 2GA-087-210

Retractable Ballpoint pen
Pen down big ideas

Retractable ballpoint pen from Klio in Metallic Silver with matte chrome-plated metal tip and printed T-Roc lettering in Turmeric on the clip.

Part Number: 2GA-087-210-A

Retractable Ballpoint Pen
Note Pad

Note pad DIN A5, 75 leaf

A5 notepad with a hard cover in Blue, printed with four instances of T-Roc lettering in Turmeric. The notepad is spiral bound and the pages are dotted without perforation. T-Roc lettering in Black is printed at the bottom of each page. It inclueds 75 sheets, 150 pages.

Part Number: 2GA-087-217

Sports armband

Light sports armband made of thin, waterproof, elastic material with T-Roc lettering in Turmeric. Includes pocket for holding a small key or earphones. The hook-and-loop fastener can be adjusted to two different sizes to fit almost everyone. Suitable for all conventional smartphones, including the iPhone 5, 6 and 7.

Part Number: 2GA-087-703-A

Sports Armband

Balloons Blue/Silver, with T-Roc lettering

The blue balloons bear T-Roc lettering in Silver, or in Turmeric on the silver balloons. The circumferences are approx. 90/100 cm.

Part Number: 2GA-087-703-C