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Travel and Comfort

Volkswagen Genuine Basic Carrier

Volkswagen Genuine Basic Carrier

The modular travel & comfort system offers numerous opportunities to make travelling easier and more comfortable.

The base carrier can be used in conjunction with the following attachments: universal hook, clothes hanger, folding table, Apple iPad bracket for iPad 2-4, mini & Air and bracket for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4 10.1

Part Number: 000-061-122

Volkswagen Genuine Folding Table

The folding table is attached to the base carrier using a simple click system and is integrated with a foldable cup holder.

The components fold in the direction of the impact in the event of an accident.

Part Number: 000-061-124

Volkswagen Genuine Folding Table
Volkswagen Genuine Tablet Holder For iPad

Volkswagen Genuine Tablet Holder For iPad

The iPad Air bracket has two joints that enable it to be comfortably positioned depending on how the devices are used.

Using the joints the iPad Air can be positioned above and below the headrest and adjusted vertically and laterally in both positions.

Part Number: 000-061-125-E

Volkswagen Genuine Bracket For Action Camera 360 Degrees, Rotating

Document razor-sharp pictures/videos of your driving experience from the interior of your vehicle.

Camera by the manufacturer GoPro (GoPro Hero 3TM and higher), you even have the option to connect the camera to your vehicle display (only in conjunction with App-Connect-function)*

Part Number: 000-061-125-J

Disclaimer: *only for selected models

Volkswagen Genuine Bracket For Action Camera 360 Degrees Rotating
Volkswagen Genuine Bracket For Tablet PC

Volkswagen Genuine Bracket For Tablet PC

- Rear passengers can consume their content on tablets with ease with the Volkswagen Genuine Bracket For Tablet PC
- A practical and flexible solution for the rear passenger compartment as it provides the perfect angle for all applications
- The safety case is available for a range of different tablet models and sizes

Part Number: 000-061-125-N

Volkswagen Genuine Bag Hooks

- Makes travel easier & comfortable
- Maximum load-bearing capacity is 1.5 kg
- Base carrier can also be used in conjunction with folding table, iPad bracket (iPad 2,4, mini & air) & Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/4

Part Number: 000-061-126-B

Volkswagen Genuine Bag Hooks
Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hanger

Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hanger

The clothes hanger is attached to the base carrier using a simple click system.

Allows articles of clothing to be transported without becoming wrinkled.

Can also be used outside the vehicle, thanks to the integrated hook.

Part Number: 000-061-127-B

Volkswagen Genuine Snake Hook For Headrest

Attach any goods weighing up to 2 kg to the headrest bar and off you go.

Part Number: 000-061-126-A -041

Volkswagen Genuine Snake hook for headrest
Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hanger Chrome

Volkswagen Genuine Clothes Hanger (Chrome)

This clothes hanger will guarantee crease-free clothing during your journeys. Perfectly integrated into the vehicle interior, it’s ideal for coats and jackets.

Part Number: 00V-061-127