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Volkswagen Genuine Lower Chrome Garnish

Shield the side of your car doors from scratches.

Chrome lining enhances the exterior aesthetics of the car.

Ease of fitment as the part can be pasted with double sided adhesive tape.

Part Number: 6JR-071-328

Volkswagen Genuine Lower Chrome Garnish
Volkswagen Genuine Mudflaps Sets

Volkswagen Genuine Mudflaps Sets

- Volkswagen Genuine mudflaps
- 1 set = 4 pieces (2x Front and 2x Rear)
- Long lasting and durable
- Protect against scratches
- Protect against dirt
- Protect the underbody, side sills and door
- Reduce spray
- Minimise the impact of road chippings
- Includes fitting material and fasteners

Part Number: 6JR-075-110

Volkswagen Genuine Body Covers (Car Covers)

- Protective from UV rays
- Car to be cool, with external heat retardant
- Tough stitching / locked stitching
- Mirror pocket and antenna pocket to be integrated
- non-sticky material for smooth fitment
- body contour skin fitment
- Water-resistant
- Volkswagen logo in the front and Volkswagen written at the rear
- Product packaging: 1 Pc/bag. The bag is made of the same material which is used for producing car cover

Part Number: 6JR-061-205

Volkswagen Genuine Body Covers Car Covers
Volkswagen Genuine Trunk Sill Protection (Transparent Foil)

Volkswagen Genuine Trunk Sill Protection (Transparent Foil)

- Made to measure
- Bumper protector
- Enhances the loading sill
- Protects against scratches
- Easy to fit

Part Number: 6JR-071-197