No drive is just another drive when you're in a Volkswagen Taigun.

Volkswagen Taigun

Hustle round' the clock

You’re in a Taigun

No drive is just another drive when you’re in a Volkswagen Taigun. The Taigun now comes in a variety of options, overflowing with choices, with more variants, more colours and more options. Each crafted to fulfill a particular niche and a particular desire. Whichever Taigun you choose, you can’t go wrong. Explore beyond destinations in India’s safest SUVW, with a 5-star GNCAP rating for both adult and child occupants. The Taigun is engineered not just for performance but also comfort and style.

Taigun GT Plus Sport
Taigun Sport

Drive wherever your curiosity takes you when you’re in a Taigun Sport – a power-packed, thrill-filled ride that redefines performance.

Taigun Chrome
Taigun Chrome

No drive is just another drive when you’re in a Taigun Chrome. Every contour of this robust body exudes elegance for India’s safest SUVW with 5-star GNCAP rating for adult and child occupants.

Taigun GT Edge Limited Collection
Taigun GT Edge

Experience GT in a new bold form - Deep Black Pearl and Carbon Steel Grey Matte. Unleash the power of the legendary TSI engine and drive the best of German engineering.

Safe like a

The Volkswagen Taigun achieved 5 stars in Global NCAP's updated crash tests, becoming one of the first models ever in India to achieve five stars for both adult and child occupants' protection. For us at Volkswagen, safety has been our north star and this badge is a reaffirmation of the faith our customers have always had.

India’s Safest SUVW | GNCAP

India’s Safest SUVW | GNCAP

India’s Safest SUVW | GNCAP

The Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) is a major project of the Towards Zero Foundation, a UK registered charity. It promotes the universal adoption of the United Nation’s most important motor vehicle safety standards worldwide.

Know more about Volkswagen’s safety standards.


24-hours Endurance Drive

Volkswagen cars were tested for 24 relentless hours at Asia’s largest test track, NATRAX. While the Taigun 1.0L TSI raced non-stop, a second Taigun 1.0L TSI maintained a constant speed of 55 kmph for 24 hours to test the unmatched performance and efficiency of our TSI engine. We made it to the India Book of Records, setting new benchmarks.

India Record for the maximum distance covered in 24 hours (SUV): VW Taigun 1.0L, 4423.82 km*

India Record for the best fuel efficiency in 24 hours (Turbo petrol engine): VW Taigun 1.0L, 29.8 km/l*

*Provisional results

Volkswagen Taigun

1.0L TSI & 1.5L TSI EVO

Available in two engine options - the Dynamic Line featuring 1.0 L TSI, which is designed to deliver instant power with minimum consumption, and the Performance Line featuring the 1.5 L TSI EVO with Active Cylinder Technology (ACT), providing power on demand with maximum efficiency.

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