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We’ve got your happiness covered for upto 7 years with our Add-On Warranty

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Easy process to avail the benefits
  • Peace of mind by protecting vehicle against unexpected repair work
  • Cost minimization

Package Option:

  • Avail 1 year / 20,000 kilometers Add-On warranty option of upto 7 years

    *Issue of add-on warranty is subject to vehicle inspection and approval

Buying Period:

  • Avail add-on warranty any time from next day of expiry of new vehicle's warranty, but within 7 years from date of vehicle's sale. However, odometer reading of vehicle should be within 125,000 km limit.
  • Avail add-on warranty 30 days before expiry of valid extended warranty OR maximum 15 days post expiry of extended warranty. However, odometer reading of vehicle should be within 125,000 km limit.
  • Avail add-on warranty can be purchased post expiry of used car warranty, provided vehicle is within 7 years from date of sale and odometer reading is within 125,000 km limit.

Volkswagen Add-on Warranty Programme is an ad-hoc extension of the New Vehicle Warranty and Extended Warranty offered by Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited (hereinafter “Volkswagen”). Under this Programme Volkswagen Authorized Dealer will repair or replace any part found defective due to bad material or workmanship, on your Volkswagen vehicle under normal use and maintenance, subject to the terms & conditions of Add-on Warranty Programme.

To qualify for this warranty, the vehicle must have undergone the schedule services as per the guidelines in the New Vehicle Warranty/Service Schedule Booklet with a proper record in the service history log. All Warranty repairs must be performed at a Volkswagen Authorized Dealer only.

In the event that any defect is noticed and confirmed by a Volkswagen Authorized Dealer during the Add-on Warranty period as stipulated under Add-on Warranty terms and conditions, except for points mentioned under "Exclusions", Volkswagen Authorized Dealer will repair or replace any part found to be defective, with a new part or an equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour. On observation of any defect the vehicle shall be presented immediately at Volkswagen Authorized Dealer for diagnosis in order that such defect does not lead to any consequential damages or risks.

Decision of Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited or that of its Authorized Dealer would be final regarding the cover of Add-on Warranty for any parts as per the terms and conditions mentioned in these Add-on Warranty Terms and Condition.

The defective parts replaced under this warranty will become the property of Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited and shall not be handed over to the Customer.

Note: Add-on Warranty is a curtailed down extension of the New Vehicle /extended Warranty. Parts which are excluded are mentioned separately in the exclusion list. Kindly read carefully.

1. Vehicle

Means the vehicle sold by Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited through its Authorized Dealer Network with the chassis number and engine number of which has been specified in the Volkswagen Record.

2. Authorized Dealer / Dealer

Means an authorized dealer of Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited engaged in Sales, After-sales service and spares for Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited.

3. Term

The term of the Add-on Warranty shall be applicable for 1 Year or 20,000km whichever is earlier from date of start of Add-on warranty.

The Add-on Warranty is applicable for Volkswagen vehicles which are between 2 to 7 years of age from first date of registration of the vehicle and having odometer reading less than 125000 Kms. This Add-on Warranty shall commence on the expiry of the New Vehicle Warranty / Extended Warranty/used car warranty (as the case may be), in continuation.

Add-on warranty is not applicable on Taxi/commercial registration vehicles

Note: Applicable term for your Add-on Warranty for your vehicle is mentioned in the Add-on warranty certificate. Kindly read carefully.

4. Add-on Warranty Coverage

Subject to the exclusion list provided below, if a defect(s) should be found in the Volkswagen vehicle within the Add-on warranty cover period, in electrical/mechanical part, Volkswagen’s only obligation is to repair or replace at sole discretion of any part found to be defective, with an original part or the equivalent at no cost to the owner for parts or labour, when Volkswagen acknowledges that such a defect attributable to faulty material or workmanship at the time of manufacture. The owner is responsible for any repair or replacements that are not covered by this Add-on Warranty.

Please Note:

  • This Add-on Warranty is not a mirror image of existing New Vehicle Warranty/Extended Warranty. The Coverages under Add-on warranty may differ from New Vehicle / Extended Warranty.
  • It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to produce all necessary documents/records to prove that the vehicle has been serviced at the prescribed intervals and maintained through the Authorized Dealer.
  • In the event the New Vehicle Warranty / Extended Warranty is cancelled or becomes void, the Add-on Warranty shall automatically stand cancelled no refund of any kind will be provided in such a circumstance.
  • If the servicing is not done as per New Vehicle Warranty/Service Schedule Booklet, this warranty shall cease to exist.
  • Add-on Warranty policy once issued cannot be cancelled in any circumstances. The Add-on Warranty charges are strictly non-refundable. No claim for refund of the charges shall be entertained in any event including due to events like Vehicle Total Loss, cancellation of Primary Warranty, Customer requests for cancellation of Add-on Warranty etc.

a. List of Components Covered:

This Add-on Warranty will only cover the following parts under the Conditions stated below:


All internal components, including:

Oil pump, Crankshaft & Pulley, Big end & Main Bearings, Connecting Rods, Gudgeon Pins, Piston and Rings, Inlet and Exhaust Valves, Springs and Guides Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Gasket, Camshaft, Arms and Shaft Rocker, Timing Gears and Tensioner Bearing, Water Pump, Inlet and Exhaust Manifold.

Manual Gearbox:

All internal components, including:

Gears, Shafts, Synchromesh Hubs and Rings, Selectors, Bearings, Transfer Gears.

Automatic Gearbox:

All internal components, including:

Shafts, Gears, Brake bands, Oil Pump, Bearings and Bushes, Valve, Drive Plate, Tran Gears, Transmission Gears.

Suspension and Steering:

Rack & Pinion, Steering Column, Steering Box, and Power Steering Pump.

Braking System:

Master Cylinder, Brake Booster, Vacuum Pump.

Fuel System:

Mechanical and Electrical Fuel Pumps, Injectors, Air Flow Meter, Fuel Accumulator, Fuel Distributor, Warm up Regulator, Cold Start Valve, Pressure Damper, Auxiliary Air Regulator, Deceleration Valve, Engine Speed Sensor, ECU, Absolute Pressure Sensor, Throttle Body.

Diesel Injection System:

Injection Pump, Injectors, Glow Plugs, Electromagnetic Cut Off.

Air Conditioning & Cooling system:

Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator Reservoir, Thermostat Switch & Fan Motor, Heater Core, AC Switch.

Electrical System:

Starter Motor and Solenoid Switch, Alternator, Rectifier, Regulator, Ignition Coil, Cooling Fan Motor, Power Window Motors, Combination Switch, Ignition Switch, Relay, Thermostat Switch, Speedometer, Oil Pressure Switch, Temperature Gauge,

Fuel Gauge, Horns.

Oil Seals:

Crankshaft Seal, Camshaft Oil Seal, Auxiliary Shaft Oil Seal, Gear Box Oil Seal, Drive Shaft Seal.

B. Exclusions from purview of Add-on Warranty Coverage.

Followings will not be covered under the Add On Warranty:

(All exclusions mentioned in the Primary Warranty Policy can be reproduced here)

  1. Any claim falling beyond the expiry date shown in the Add-on Warranty Certificates or the completion of the Kilometer as specified in the Add-on Warranty Certificates whichever occurs earlier and as applicable from the date of 1st sale.
  2. Any damage that results from neglect of the periodic maintenance as specified under Service Schedule Booklet or not carried out at an Authorized Dealer- Service Centre.
  3. Any damage that results from hard driving due to a race, rally.
  4. Any damage that results from operating methods other than those mentioned in the owner’s manual or use beyond the limitations specified by Volkswagen, such as maximum load, passenger capacity, engine speed and others.
  5. Any damage that result from use of non-genuine parts, non-genuine oils or accessories other than those approved by Volkswagen.
  6. Any non-approved accessories which are not supplied with vehicle as original fitment.
  7. All rubber & plastic accessories.
  8. Any damage that result from vehicle performance modifications not approved by Volkswagen.
  9. Inconsequential aspects such as noises, vibrations, oil seepage and sensations that could not lead to dismal product function or performance.
  10. Any damage that result from improper storage or transportation, or where the damage has been caused at the Authorized Dealer/ Service Centre due to dealer’s negligence.
  11. Loss arising out of accident or loss caused by external impact.
  12. Cost of roadside assistance and/or towing.
  13. Fraudulent act committed by the vehicle owner or the Dealer.
  14. Theft of vehicle and / or, parts or accessories
  15. Goodwill compensation and cost incurred in the recall campaigns.
  16. Act of terrorism, illegal and malicious activities.
  17. Aesthetic parts including sheet metal parts requiring replacement /repair due to wear tear, depreciation, moth, vermin, process of cleaning, restoring or renovating of scratches, effect of light, sun or any atmospheric conditions, bird droppings.
  18. Mechanical & electrical breakdown caused by overloading, strain, overrunning, freezing, excessive pressure, short-circuiting, heating.
  19. Routine maintenance service jobs, including cleaning, polishing, minor adjustment, engine tuning, carbon cleaning, AC Servicing, wheel alignment, tyre rotation, calibration /reconditioning of diesel equipments including injector /nozzles and high pressure fuel pump etc.
  20. Parts subjected to normal wear & tear, aging, corrosion of parts, including spark plugs, clutch, axle boots, shock absorbers, front struts, suspension ball joints, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, rubber seals, brake pads, brake linings, clutch disc, pressure plate, wiper blades, all type of cables including clutch and accelerator, bulbs, fuses, belts, coolant hoses, fuel hoses, tyres, batteries, glasses, lenses, all mountings, oxygen sensor, fuel filters, oil filter elements, drive chains, air cleaner elements, drive shaft boots, fuses, motor brushes, step rubbers, rubber tubes & hoses and other items as specified by Volkswagen in the maintenance schedule.
  21. All consumables, including, engine oils, gear oil, brake oil, power steering oil, coolant, AC gas oil, grease, battery electrolyte, radiator coolant.
  22. Rusting/Corrosion to catalytic converter & Silencer
  23. Damages as a result of use of poor quality of fuel, coolant or lubricating oil to fuel system including fuel pump, injector nozzle, water pump as well as other parts.
  24. Damage to engine due to hydrostatic lock or oil starvation
  25. Any legal liability, consequential loss , damage to occupants third party
  26. Damage arising due to fitment of accessories including without limitations electrical or mechanical accessories not approved by Volkswagen
  27. Body and Paint work including any losses due to accidental damages.
  28. Vehicle in which odometer has been tampered or been disconnected.
  29. Expenses incidental to Add-on Warranty claim, including but not limited to:
  • Additional expenses incurred for communications, lodging, meals, towing charges and other items due to breakdown of the vehicle in a remote area/ city.
  • Expenses related to personal injury or property damage compensation for loss of time, commercial losses, or rental costs for a substitute vehicle during the period of repairs.

        30. No claim will be accepted within first 15 days from start date of Add-on Warranty Cover.



  1. The vehicle must have been serviced at Authorized Dealer at every 15,000 Kms or 1 year whichever occurs first as per guidelines in the Service Schedule Booklet.
  2. All services as per preventive maintenance / scheduled services must be carried out at Authorized Dealer workshop and the expense for the same shall be borne by the customer wherever applicable.
  3. Present the Volkswagen "Owner's Manual and Service Booklet" and "Volkswagen Add-on Warranty Certificate” to the Authorized Dealer while requesting service inspections or Add-on Warranty claim.
  4. If the "Owner's Manual and Service Booklet" or the “Volkswagen Add-on Warranty Certificate” is lost or destroyed, the owner should consult the Authorized Dealer from whom the vehicle was purchased for instructions concerning issuance of duplicate "Owner's Manual and Service Booklet" or the Volkswagen Add-on Warranty Certificate” on a chargeable basis.
  • If Ownership of the vehicle changes, the remaining/balance Add-on Warranty period/Km would be effective for the new owner.
  • The Add-on Warranty cover cannot be transferred to any other vehicle and remains with the original vehicle only.
  • For transfer of Add-on Warranty cover the Owner of the vehicle will have to fill in the Transfer of Ownership Form with details of new owner and have it stamped and signed by an Authorized Dealer. After due approval from the Volkswagen Authorized Dealer / Volkswagen the Add-on Warranty transfer to the new owner would be effective from the date of such approval for the balance unexpired period / Kms. Maximum two ownership changes are allowed.
In the event any concerns are observed in the Vehicle the owner must:
  1. Immediately take all steps necessary to minimize the extent of loss.
  2. Depending on whether the vehicle is in a condition enabling it to be driven, the owner shall drive it or have it towed on flatbed truck, without delay, to the nearest Volkswagen Authorized Dealer at his/her own cost to effect repair according to the Dealer / Volkswagen requirements and to notify the Dealer of this Add-on Warranty Certificate number.
  3. Authorize the Dealer to establish the cause of failure.
  4. Undertake to pay the cost of dismantling and repairing the vehicle if the cause of the failure is not covered by Add-on Warranty. The owner is responsible for paying for any other work that the owner asks the Dealer to carry out.
  5. The service record and service bill must be made available to the Dealer workshop personnel.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions may lead to a refusal to accept the claim under Add-on Warranty

Local Jurisdiction

Any claim relating to or arising out of Add-on Warranty shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai courts only.