Our exclusive insurance package offers unparalleled benefits and extensive coverage customized specifically for your Volkswagen T-Roc, guaranteeing the best service for you. Experience continuous support through our 24x7 dedicated Call Centre, and enjoy swift and hassle-free claims processing, all without incurring any extra costs.

Volkswagen Motor Insurance

Highlights and Benefits 

  • Use of OEM parts for accidental repair claims
  • Bundled branded insurance and finance products
  • 24x7 dedicated Call Centre for intimation of claims and other related services
  • Cashless Services across all Volkswagen Authorised Dealers in India
  • Fast and simple processing for customers without additional work and expenses
  • Better and extensive coverage
  • Online renewal facility for customers
  • Exclusive benefits offered in Volkswagen Co-branded Insurance

Elite Drive Assure Add-on

  • Depreciation Shield
  • Engine Protector (with Gear Box Cover)
  • Vehicle Replacement Advantage
  • Accidental Shield (SI Rs. Two Lakh)
  • Wheel Rim Damage
  • Damage due to Rodents
Volkswagen Elite Drive Assure Add-on


Your Volkswagen is secured with a 4-year (100,000 kilometres) manufacturer’s warranty to ensure a peaceful ownership experience. 

Service that goes beyond servicing

Your safety is our foremost priority and we have taken all measures to ensure your peace of mind. Now request a service appointment from the safety and comfort of your home. With Volkswagen service, you’ll always be worry-free.

Volkswagen Assistance

While your busy schedule deserves your full attention, caring for your vehicle deserves ours. With Volkswagen Assistance, we bring door-to-door service, with just a phone call.

Roadside Assistance

No matter where you are, Volkswagen cars come with 24x7 assistance across India.