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Volkswagen Body and Paint services

Treat your beloved Ameo un to the best with our authorized body and paint services. In addition to the expertise of trained service technicians who follow meticulous repair procedures using only genuine parts, we also ensure the use of 100% eco-friendly water-based paint, approved tools and equipment, and unparalleled quality standards. 

With Volkswagen-authorized body and paint services, you can keep your Volkswagen Ameo looking stylish for many years to come. 

Our body and paintwork specialists maintain Volkswagen’s standard of inspection methods to ensure highest quality to keep your Volkswagen safe and looking fresh, from chips in the windscreen to scratches on the doors.

All of our parts have been tailored to your car and can be fitted quickly and easily, saving you both time and money. They also look great and are manufactured to Volkswagen’s exacting standards.

Protect your Volkswagen with eco-friendly water-based paint with approved tools and equipment.

Introducing first-in-industry Volkswagen Body and Paint Packages. Enjoy assured savings and care for your car with Volkswagen quality standards.

The body and paint repairs include:

  • Dent repair
  • Remove and Refit
  • Painting

On occasion that you do not avail services under these packages, you can also enjoy the benefits of these services against periodic maintenance, general repair or Value-Added Service jobs for the same value for up to 6 months after the validity period of the packages. 

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Car specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice. Actual appearance/colour shade may slightly differ. Image of left hand drive car is provided for representation purposes only. Volkswagen reserves the right to alter the details of specifications and equipment without any notice. Images shown are for representation purposes only. For further details, please visit our authorised dealership.

Terms and conditions

  • Body and paint value packages (BPVP) can be availed at BPVP selling dealer only.
  • BPVP is applicable for Body & Paint Repair of VW vehicles. BPVP cost includes Painting, Dent repair and Removal & Refit of External or Outer panels covered under particular BPVP.
  • BPVP cost also includes labour and paint material components.
  • The mentioned benefits under particular BPVP can be availed in multiple visits to VW-authorized body shops within the validity period and as per the terms of BPVP.
  • If the coupons are 100% unutilized within the validity period of BPVP, then customers can use the same amount in Periodic Maintenance service, General Repairs, and Value Added Service treatments within the next 6 months after the expiry of BPVP.
  • Roof panel is not covered under any of these BPVPs.
  • BPVP coverage will expire once all covered benefits are availed or on the end date of the package whichever comes first.
  • BPVP is not applicable for Insurance repairs.
  • Savings mentioned in BPVP benefits are against the total cost of Body & Paint repair in the absence of BPVP.