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Volkswagen Connect®

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Volkswagen Connect® app

Your personal car assistant.

Introducing Volkswagen Connect. An advanced solution that records, analyses and provides you with all the information you need to know about your car to deliver an enhanced driving experience

Learn what the Volkswagen Connect can do

  • Keep track on when, where and how much you have filled up, how much it costs and what your monthly fuel expenses are.

    My Volkswagen

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  • View and export the date, time, duration, distance and costs of your trips conveniently in PDF format.

    Digital Logbook

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  • Improve your driving behaviour , save costs and have fun while doing so

    Driving Style Analysis

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  • Look forward to alternating tasks and challenges and collect points and trophies as you go.


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  • Keep track on when, where and how much you have filled up, how much it has cost and what your monthly fuel expenses are.

    Fuel Monitor

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  • Contact your Volkswagen Service Partner easily and immediately.

    Service and Appointments

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  • Keep an eye on your parking time and send information about your parking location.

    Parking Locator

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  • The analysis also records all the other vehicle data and summarises them for you in a clear overview.

    Driving Statistics

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  • Breakdown help is available to you by direct call. Find all the important information on the right things to do quickly and comprehensively here.

    Roadside Assistance

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Set up your Volkswagen Connect® in 3 steps


Do you have questions in relation to the DataPlug or the app’s features?

VolkswagenConnect is the intelligent, connected vehicle assistant. It connects you and your Volkswagen so that you are constantly informed about your vehicle, your driving style and your trips.

Volkswagen Connect currently offers the following functions: Driving Style, Parking Space, My Volkswagen, Trip History, Assistance Call, Fuel Monitor, and Service Partner location and information

You will need the following components:

  •     A smartphone with an Android (5.0 or higher) or iOS operating system (9.0 or higher).
  •     The Volkswagen Connect® app, available from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
  •     The Volkswagen Connect DataPlug
  •     A compatible Volkswagen model.

The Volkswagen Connect DataPlug and your smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.

The Volkswagen Connect DataPlug is an OBD connector (on-board diagnosis), also referred to as a dongle, which is plugged into the diagnosis interface (on-board diagnosis) of your Volkswagen. It collects various information during a trip and sends it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The information provides you, for example, with details about your driving style and the status of the vehicle.

Your Volkswagen Connect DataPlug transmits some of the data in real time to your smartphone. The rest of the data is sent to the smartphone when the vehicle is switched off.

The Volkswagen Connect DataPlug must be plugged into the diagnostic port. This is normally located near the driver’s footwell. 

The Volkswagen data plug is compatible with:

a.       Volkswagen Polo- 1.0 MPI, 1.5 TDI , GT TSI and GT TDI
b.      Volkswagen Ameo- 1.0 MPI, 1.5 TDI and 1.5 TDI DSG
c.       Volkswagen Vento- 1.2L TSI, 1.5L TDI
d.      Volkswagen Passat (2017)- All variants
e.       Volkswagen Tiguan- All variants

After you have downloaded and installed the Volkswagen Connect® app, you will be guided through the installation and connection process for the DataPlug step by step when you first launch the app. It is very simple: you sit in your Volkswagen, open the app, turn the car key, and activate the internet and Bluetooth connection functions on your smartphone. Then take the DataPlug and find the PIN, which is located on the side of DataPlug. Enter and confirm it in the input screen of the app. Finally, connect the Volkswagen Connect DataPlug to the diagnostic port in the footwell and confirm that this step has been completed in the app. The connection will now be made.

The 8-digit PIN is on the DataPlug itself and also on a sticker on the packaging.

After successfully pairing your smartphone, the Bluetooth connection will be made within 5 seconds. After interrupting the connection, e.g. due to leaving the vehicle, the connection is restored automatically.

In the Volkswagen Connect® app, a connection symbol at the top centre of the screen lets you know whether you are connected, you are trying to connect, or the app is disconnected from the DataPlug. If you open the left menu, the status will be shown in the upper-left corner of your smartphone.

As soon as the ignition of your vehicle is switched on, the Volkswagen Connect Data Plug sends data to your smartphone.

Yes, you can connect other devices (e.g. hands free system) while using the data plug

Simply turn off your Volkswagen and pull the Volkswagen Connect DataPlug out from the diagnostic port.

A simultaneous active connection is possible only with one smartphone. However, it is possible to disconnect the currently active connection at any time and establish the connection again with a new/different smartphone (similar to the first time the device is started up).

Please note: if there are several paired smartphones in the vehicle, it is always the smartphone closest to the Volkswagen Connect DataPlug that is paired.

Each user only sees the data that was sent to their respective smartphone.

To avoid draining the vehicle battery, the DataPlug turns itself off as soon as the vehicle is parked and the ignition turned off.

You can download the Volkswagen Connect® ap at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Currently the Volkswagen Connect data plug is available on the Connect editions of the Volkswagen Polo, Ameo, Vento and Passat only. However we will be releasing the data plug for sales through accessories for our existing customers very shortly. It must be noted that Volkswagen Connect is not compatible with any Volkswagen model equipped with the 1.2 MPI engine.

No, since the app is connected to the data plug through Bluetooth, the smart phone has to be present in the car for a connection to take place. Data or vehicle position cannot be accessed when the user is not sitting in the car.

Yes any email id can be used for registering the app. However it is recommended to use the same email id which is synchronized with the customer’s smart phone since.

Download your free Volkswagen Connect app. Available for Android and iOS

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