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Steer in the right direction. Steer towards safety.



Xenon headlights make night driving easier, thanks to the fact that the spectrum of xenon light is similar to daylight, thus providing a high level of safety. Xenon headlights are notable for their far range and perfect lateral spread. Further advantages include low energy consumption and the durability of the bulbs for the vehicle’s entire service life.  With the help of a sophisticated electronics system these bulbs generate high ignition voltage of between 18,000 and 30,000 volts, to guarantee constant operation at an output of just 35 watts or automatic re-ignition. Xenon headlights deliver considerably more light than halogen headlights and make night driving, particularly in poor weather conditions, safer and less tiring for the driver’s eyes.


Front & Rear Parking Sensors.

Park distance control is a parking aid to warn of the distance from obstacles at the front and rear. A repeated warning signal tells the driver how far the vehicle is from the obstacle. As the gap decreases, the frequency of the acoustic signal increases. It begins signalling when the vehicle is 1.60 metres from the obstacle. When only 20 centimetres of manoeuvring room remains, the warning sound becomes continuous. The system operates through up to 12 ultrasonic sensors mounted in the front and rear bumpers. The parking distance control at the front can be switched off to adjust to particular traffic situations, such as in stop and go traffic. The rear ParkPilot unit is automatically switched on when the reverse gear is engaged.



Airbags combine with the seat belts to reduce the risk of severe head and chest injuries in collisions with a certain severity. If the crash sensors register an impact that exceeds the value needed to trigger the airbags, the airbag control ignites the gas generator. This inflates the airbags, which are located in the steering wheel and the dashboard in front of the front-seat passenger within 30 to 40 milliseconds. When inflated, these airbags cushion the head and upper body and distribute the resulting loads over as large an area as possible. Just 120 milliseconds later, the gas escapes and the airbag collapses. Reducing the amount of head and neck movement helps to reduce the risk of injury. The carefully defined inflation of the airbags in two stages, depending on the severity of the impact, is designed to reduce the load placed on the driver and front passenger in the event of an accident. In addition to the front airbags, side airbags and a head airbag system are also available. 



The anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking up during an emergency stop or when braking on a slippery surface, ensuring that drivers are still able to steer the vehicle. When the wheels lock up, they are no longer able to transmit cornering forces. To prevent this from happening, the ABS control unit uses wheel speed sensors to monitor the rotational speed of all of the vehicle's wheels.The anti-lock braking systems, as fitted on all Volkswagen models, this process is repeated several times a second. Within the anti-lock braking system's scope of operation, the vehicle can be steered without difficulty, even when braking at full power, allowing the driver to take evasive action to avoid colliding with any obstacles in the road ahead. With "off-road" ABS, the wheels can lock up briefly before the system reduces the brake pressure. This allows time for a small wedge of material from the ground (such as gravel or sand) to build up in front of the wheels, which then increases the braking effect.  


Anti Theft Warning With Interior Surveillance.

In order to protect against theft, more and more vehicles are being equipped with systems that are primed and deactivated again by means of a coded radio remote control and sound an audible alarm when unauthorised entry is detected by contacts on the doors, engine compartment and luggage compartment or by ultrasonic motion sensors or current consumers in the vehicle's interior. The ultrasonic system also detects attempted vehicle entry through a broken window.

Introducing Automatic DSG transmission.

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