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The modern engine technology in Volkswagen models is characterised by economy, high torque and power. It is exactly right for you if you like driving and drive a lot, but still want to keep your consumption down.



The TDI badge identifies all the Group's diesel-powered models featuring diesel direct injection and a turbocharger. Characteristic features of the TDI engines are fuel economy, low emissions, high pulling power (torque) and outstanding power efficiency. Functionality: A turbocharger supplies the engine with fresh air, thereby providing optimum cylinder charging. After compression, the diesel is injected directly into the cylinders at very high pressure by way of a nozzle. Effective engine encapsulation keeps noise to a minimum, while hydraulic engine mounts ensure smooth, low-vibration running.



Automatic transmissions with Tiptronic, have all the advantages and technical features of the automatic transmission. Tiptronic allows the driver to override the automatic mode by moving the lever into a second (Tiptronic) shift gate. In other words, changing up is achieved by pushing the gear lever forwards, and changing down by pulling the gear lever backwards. Tiptronic provides the convenience of an automatic and the driving enjoyment and sportiness of a manual gearbox. Safety, e.g. when overtaking, is provided by the automatic change-up feature when the engine speed limit is reached. The sporty driver benefits from changing down and using the engine for braking before a bend or when climbing hills.



The DSG transmission is a system composed of two common transmissions, with two clutches for two input shafts. When driving in a particular gear, the electronics automatically pre-select the next upper/lower gears depending on the engine load. Therefore, shifting between gears happens instantly, and in absence of loss of engine power during gear change, gives it a seamless character. This reduces noise levels and provides for smooth gearshifts.


Auto Hold.

The Auto Hold function in Volkswagen's new Passat is an extension of the electronic parking brake. The Auto Hold function prevents the vehicle from rolling away accidentally when standing still or when setting off. In this way Auto Hold offers the ultimate in convenience and comfort when driving or setting off, along with enhanced safety. The system is operated via the ABS/ESP hydraulic unit. When the vehicle brakes to a standstill, Auto Hold retains the last-applied braking pressure. The driver can take his/her foot from the brake pedal and all four wheel brakes will remain on. If the ABS wheel speed sensors detect any rolling, the braking force is automatically increased until the vehicle comes to a standstill again. This may be the case if, for example, the driver brakes gently to a stop on an incline. As soon as the driver presses the accelerator again and, in the case of manual gearboxes, releases the clutch, Auto Hold reduces the braking pressure once more. For safety reasons, the function always has to be reactivated by means of a button to the left of the gear lever when the engine has been switched off.



Our TSI technology, a combination of maximum power coupled with minimum consumption, is nothing short of revolutionary. A pioneering technology, it employs a compact, high powered engine resulting in less consumption of fuel.

Its unique Direct Petrol Injection combined with a turbocharger enhances the engine's combustion efficiency to deliver a power output, much higher than that of conventional engines. Designed to deliver maximum torque even from low engine speeds, TSI technology offers the twin benefit of not only increasing your driving pleasure, but also reducing fuel consumption significantly.

Awarded the International Engine of the Year as well as the Best Green Engine awards, TSI technology is ever-evolving, with even further improvements in the pipeline.

Introducing Automatic DSG transmission.

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