, 2019-10-22 00:09:34

Automatic DSG® Transmission.

The sportiness and low fuel consumption of a manual with the ease of an automatic.

DSG® is the first gearbox to combine the advantages of both worlds without compromises — no interruptions in traction and maximum driving pleasure. It gives:

  • Ease of shifting at the level of an automatic gearbox.
  • Split-second gear changes, hardly noticeable to the occupants.
  • Better driving performance with unbroken acceleration.

It's not just a conventional automatic.


DSG is a groundbreaking 'two-in-one' concept where twin electronically controlled shafts manage gear selection, always anticipating your next shift. The two independent gearbox units are controlled by a mechatronics module that ensures one gear is always engaged and another preselected. When a gear change is pending, one clutch opens while the other closes. The mechatronics makes sure that this occurs faster and more precisely than would be possible manually. In this way shifting occurs without interruptions in traction, in less than four-hundredths of a second.

Owing to the double clutch the efficiency of the DSG® is significantly higher than in a classic automatic gearbox with hydraulic torque converter.

Introducing Automatic DSG transmission.

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