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TSI Technology

Volkswagen TSI Engine

Power meets efficiency

An engine may be powerful, an engine may be efficient, but a perfect combination of both is surely a rare find. And that is exactly what our TSI engine has to offer you.

When you drive a Volkswagen with a TSI engine you don't have to choose between performance and economy, making it an engine every other engine aspires to be.

TSI is Volkswagen’s pioneering technology for petrol engines. The result of this innovative technology is power and torque packed high-tech units with low consumption.

TSI engines employs combination of three advanced technologies namely, Stratified Direct Fuel Injection (FSI), downsizing concept and the turbocharging, to develop higher performance than engines with larger capacity.

It ensures:

  • Maximum power with low fuel consumption. 
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. 
  • Relaxed driving style with little shifting. 
  • Low-maintenance and long-life of the engine.

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Volkswagen’s TSI engines have been the benchmark for enthusiasts driving
Sirish Chandran
Editor, EVO India