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Energy and Environment Management System

Energy and Environment Management System

Scope of the Energy and Environment Management system - “Manufacturing and Assembly of Passenger Cars and Engines of the Volkswagen Group”

Energy and Environment Policy

We at Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd. are relentlessly striving to develop an organization which delivers outstanding quality products and customer services by employing and developing motivated, well qualified and trained individuals, whose primary focus is to achieve total customer satisfaction and to delight our customers.

We commit to undertake energy management within our organization to ensure improvement in energy performance by regular energy reviews, effective monitoring, measurement & control and purchasing of energy efficient products, services and design by providing necessary resources & information.

We ensure that the implementation, documentation and control of the Energy & Environmental Policy are, at all times, aligned with the company vision, objectives, targets and defined requirements of the Management.

We will achieve this through:

Fulfillment of Compliance Obligation:

Ensuring compliance with all applicable Regional, National and International Laws, Regulations and other requirements through an active Energy and Environmental Management and Monitoring System, determining & evaluating the compliance obligation.

Think Blue! Factory:

Adopting a holistic approach to achieve ecological production of vehicles by reductions in Energy and Water Consumption, Emissions, Waste, Carbon dioxide and VOC by 45 % by the year 2025 based on the baseline of year 2011.

Continual Improvement:

Promoting positive environmental outcomes through continual improvement and progressive implementation of best management practices in production Shops, Logistics Areas, Planning, Human Resources, and all other areas of the Company.

Protection & Prevention of Pollution:

Minimizing water and energy consumption, reusing and recycling treated waste water, and wherever possible, reducing or eliminating the generation of solid and other wastes. Protect natural environment from harm & degradation arising from activities, product & services. Protection of Biodiversity & Ecosystem.

Corporate Responsibility:

Ensuring that all company processes and products meet the requirements of good corporate governance, extending Sustainability and Environmental Requirements to our Supplier Partners, and committing ourselves to the development of the community.

Training of Employees:

Identifying level-wise training needs to provide training programs that emphasize the individual's responsibilities required for making sound environmental decisions.

Green Belt Development:

Developing a Green Belt inside the company premises to create an environment friendly atmosphere, enhance awareness of the environment and enhance the ecological balance.

This policy is documented, reviewed periodically and is available for all employees, associated companies and the Public.