SUVW Range

The SUVW Range
German-Engineered to a T

In a world of people with different personalities, there’s those who know exactly what they seek.

They seek perfection, for it becomes a lifestyle more than a need.

And for people like these, we build SUVs that are beyond SUVs – we build SUVWs.

With Volkswagen’s mighty fleet of SUVWs, precision comes standard.

Precision – a result of the fine German-Engineering, the advantage of which can most certainly be felt.


Presenting the newest versions of the award-winning SUVWs:

  •  The T-Roc 2021 - The SUVW that’s Born Confident
  •  The Tiguan Allspace 2021 – The 7-seater SUVW that Fits All

Followed by the two SUVWs you’ve all been waiting for:

  • The New Volkswagen Tiguan - Skip Boring
  • The Volkswagen Taigun - Hustle mode on

The hustle is about to begin

There’s those stuck in a usual grind, living a slow burn-out. And then there’s those who live-it-up and go all out.

They seek something that matches their high-functioning selves, a dynamic SUVW to complement their every hustle.

Presenting, the Volkswagen Taigun – Hustle Mode On.

It’s all about the Hustle
- Continuous LED Tail Lamps
- Charismatic Front Grille & LED Headlamps
- TSI Engine (1.0L and 1.5L)
- Digital Cockpit With Active Info Display
- Globally renowned MQB A0 IN Platform, now indigenised
- GT

Complements your confidence

Confidence for some is innate in every way. Turning heads everywhere they go, owning everything about themselves right from the get-go.

Strong, striking and sporty, the The T-Roc 2021 exudes character and confidence. With bold design crafted into every feature and packed with advanced technology, The T-Roc 2021 is engineered for a confident you.

Features as confident as you
- Striking and sporty design
- 1.5L TSI engine
- Panoramic sunroof
- 7 speed DSG
- LED Headlamps and daytime running lights
- Active Info Display

Skip Boring.

Evolving. Constantly moving. Always looking for next. Do these sound like you?

Your agenda doesn’t have a routine. Your routes are only the scenic routes. Left or right, there are no wrong turns for you. Only new experiences that take you to the edge of a new world of possibilities that make life fun. That excites you.

Presenting reinvention in motion, the New Volkswagen Tiguan with its enviable performance, sharp design and exciting features. So you can give boring a skip.

Excitement comes standard
- Powerful 2.0L TSI engine
- Intelligent IQ.Lights with adaptive control
- Sharp new design
- Impressive front grille
- Expansive panoramic sunroof
- Striking 18" alloy wheels
- Refreshed interiors

Built to fit all

For those who know that where there’s an open mind, there’s an open road for you to explore.

And for those open to different views, passions, journeys and tastes, the Tiguan Allspace 2021, the 7-seater SUVW is built to accommodate all about you and for you.

Makes room for all your likes
- 2.0L TSI engine
- Panoramic sunroof
- Digital cockpit with active info-display
- 7 speed DSG
- Flexible boot space
- Park-assist

Express your interest in the SUVW that excites you, today!