1. Warranty

New Vehicle Warranty

Your Volkswagen is secured with a 4 year (100,000 kilometers) manufacturer’s warranty to ensure a peaceful ownership experience.

Along with a New Vehicle Warranty/factory warranty which includes cover against a range of manufacturing* or material defects for your car, you can avail 4 years of Roadside assistance. With 3 additional complimentary services, Roadside assistance will ensure peace of mind and immediate assistance for your Volkswagen anytime, anywhere.

Extended Warranty

Experience Peace of Mind with Volkswagen Extended Warranty

The extended warranty packages are especially designed for risk averse car owners. From small niggles to electro-mechanical failures, your factory warranty has you covered. An option to further extend it, could only mean smooth sailing for years to come.


Add On Warranty

We’ve got your happiness covered for up to 7 years with Add-On Warranty.

Terms and conditions:
“Add-on Warranty policies are issued only once. The product conditions and issuance remains solely at the discretion of the company”

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