New Vehicle Warranty

Your Volkswagen is secured with a 4 year (100,000 kilometers) manufacturer’s warranty to ensure a peaceful ownership experience.

Along with a New Vehicle Warranty/factory warranty which includes cover against a range of manufacturing* or material defects for your car, you can avail 4 years of Roadside assistance. With 3 additional complimentary services, Roadside assistance will ensure peace of mind and immediate assistance for your Volkswagen anytime, anywhere.

Extended Warranty

Experience Peace of mind with Volkswagen’s Extended Warranty

Enjoy smooth sailing for years to come with Volkswagen’s extended warranty and experience peace of mind on all your journeys. From small niggles to electro-magnetic failures, your factory warranty has you covered. Avail a range of benefits like:

  • Get your Volkswagen serviced anywhere in India with skilled technicians.
  • Protection against rising costs of spare parts and labour.
  • In case of unforeseen part failures, get your car repaired.
  • Transferable to subsequent owners.
  • Provides an increase in the resale value.

Terms and conditions:

The term of the Extended Warranty shall be applicable for 1 Year i.e. 5th year or 100,000 kms / 2 Years i.e. 5th & 6th year or 1,50,000 kms whichever is earlier from date of sale of new vehicle. The Extended Warranty is applicable for Volkswagen vehicles having 4 Years / 1,00,000KM warranty. This Extended Warranty shall commence on the expiry of the New Vehicle Warranty, in continuation.

Add On Warranty

We’ve got your happiness covered with Volkswagen’s add-on warranty. Upgrade your warranty based on your ownership tenure and enjoy extended peace of mind. Purchase an add-on warranty at the end of +2 year extended warranty coverage and get the full 7-year range.

Terms and conditions:

Add-on policies purchased for vehicles within extended or add-on warranty will start immediately post expiry of the existing warranty. Once the warranty lapses, the vehicle will need to undergo inspection and certification before issuing the add-on warranty and will start after a cooling period of 30 days. The product conditions and issuance remain solely at the discretion of the company.

Book service products online

Now book Volkswagen Service products online. Enjoy complete peace of mind with a range of products.

Extending Our Support | COVID-19

We stand with you in these uncertain and tough times and we want to ensure your peace of mind because the only thing that will drive us forward, is your safety.

Service Value Package

With our promise to deliver complete peace of mind for each of our customers, we have created Service Value Packages that promise just that.

Volkswagen Assistance

While your busy schedule deserves your full attention, caring for your vehicle deserves ours.With Volkswagen Assistance, we bring door-to-door service, just a phone call away.