1.0L TSI
110PS (81kW) @ 5000-5500 rpm
175Nm @ 1750 - 4000 rpm
Manual - 6 Forward 1 Reverse | Automatic - 6 Speed
Starting price
Rs. 9 09 000 *

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

Takes comfort seriously 

The beloved Vento TSI Automatic offers only the smoothest driving experience. Its 6-speed AT lets you focus more on the fun the road brings you. While its revolutionary TSI engine lets you cruise down the road at 110PS and 175Nm torque. 

Choose either of the new automatic variants - the Vento HL and Vento HL plus - and you have a suave ride with the kind of power to play the rest of the road can only dream of.

Experience the Power to Play

Remember the time when there were no limits for your car, nor your imagination? Let that innocent thrill of driving be fuelled again. Bring back the fun to driving in the Vento, that is now also available in a stunning new shade of Sunset Red.

Explore the Vento

Explore the Vento


Vento TSI BS6 Engine

1L TSI Petrol

Maximum power, minimum consumption

The TSI's revolutionary 1L engine strikes a fine balance between both power and efficiency. It gets you through more kilometres, with lesser emissions too. Complementing this breakthrough internal framework is the superior built quality of Volkswagen.

TSI Technology

Our TSI engine is a high functioning combination of being energetic and economical - two characteristics that do not generally work together in conventional petrol engines.

An amalgamation of Stratified Direct Fuel Injection( FSI), downsizing and turbocharging help it in delivering power and torque packed high-tech units with low consumption.

Experts review the revolutionary
TSI engine.


Technical Specifications

All features and variant comparisons

Smart and sophisticated

Manage the radio, music, and your phone from your steering while you continue enjoying a smooth drive.