Volkswagen New Brand Design and Logo

Volkswagen implements New Brand Design and Logo across the network in India

July 20, 2021

Date: 20th July 2021

  • New era of Volkswagen: Aligned to the Transform 2025+ strategy, Volkswagen India implements new brand design and logo across its 150 dealer outlets in India. As part of phase I, the brand has implemented new brand design in 30 touchpoints and plans to cover the remaining touchpoints in a phased-wise manner in the year 2021
  • New Brand Design and Logo will ensure more colour, light and warmth across all touchpoints, aligned to the brand’s presentation of being more attractive, innovative, and emotional
  • Increase digitalization and connectivity at dealerships to make customer communication more data driven, personalized and accessible
  • Training and development: Volkswagen India will conduct training and orientation program for its employees and dealer partners, to be much more customer oriented and accessible, both online and offline
  • Leading up to the launch of Volkswagen Taigun: With the intent to offer a unique Volkswagen experience to customers in India, the brand is in the process of introducing new brand design and logo across all its dealerships timed with the launch of the most-awaited SUVW, the Taigun

Mumbai – Volkswagen Passenger Cars India, today announced the implementation of the New Brand Design and Logo, across all its 150 dealerships in the country. With customers at the heart of the brand, Volkswagen India is working towards providing a unique experience and creating new mediums to connect with customers. Through the implementation of the new brand design, Volkswagen aims to make its dealerships more human, attractive and emotional. Following the phase wise approach, Volkswagen has already implemented 30 touchpoints in phase I and plans to complete the remaining touchpoints in a phased-wise manner in the year 2021.

Through the new brand design and logo, Volkswagen aims to make people’s lives brighter with their products, along with showcasing a young and vibrant identity and to be more inviting to its customers, both new and existing. Additionally, as a part of this strategy, the brand will also provide behavioural training to its entire staff, including frontline personnel like salesmen and service advisors, to make them more customer oriented.

Today, customers are increasingly obtaining information via the digital channels, and Volkswagen’s new brand design has a consistent digital orientation. The brand will offer prospective and current customers across different age groups, easy access to information about specifications of its cars, pricing, financing, and servicing needs, offline as well as online. With digitisation at the forefront, Volkswagen also introduced “Sarvottam 2.0” program, with an intent to provide a seamless and transparent customer experience that's digitally enabled, technologically advanced, efficient, connected, and provides curated solutions to customer's requirements.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Ashish Gupta, Brand Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India said, “The implementation of new brand design across our dealerships marks a new era for Volkswagen in India. By implementing the new brand design and logo, we aim to create a 360° customer experience, that is intriguing and contemporary across all channels and appeals to our customers.”

With this evolution, the brand will be more digital, human and modern. Customers will be able to experience the new brand design across Volkswagen showrooms in India along with its biggest car launch of the year, the Taigun.

Volkswagen New Brand Design and Logo Exterior 1
Volkswagen New Brand Design and Logo Exterior 2
Volkswagen New Brand Design and Logo Interior 1
Volkswagen New Brand Design and Logo Interior 2