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When we say Guaranteed Service at
Volkswagen, we mean exactly that.

We've fixed the prices so you can relax.

Our new Guaranteed Service servicing guide for Volkswagen cars, from 4 to 10 years old, allows you to see exactly what's included with a Volkswagen Guaranteed Service.

You can also be assured of the exceptional quality and attention to detail provided by our highly trained Volkswagen experts, with access to the the latest Volkswagen tooling and technology, fitting only Genuine Parts to your car.

Taking the weight off your shoulders.

We offer the highest servicing standard. Our Volkswagen Master Technicians have received more than 250 hours specialist training and are re-accredited every 3 years to keep them up to date.

We want you, our valued Volkswagen customer, to relax knowing that you're in expert hands and that we're making your motoring easier and your costs transparent.


Volkswagen service.

Volkswagen timing belts.


Ask about our great deals on timing belt kits

It’s important that your vehicle's timing belt is changed at the correct intervals. As such, Volkswagen timing belt kits include everything you need to help your Volkswagen remain reliable – including the timing belt and all required tensioners, pulleys and fasteners.

If left un-checked, a broken belt can cause serious damage to your Volkswagen’s engine. The good news is that your local Volkswagen Service dealer is able to help. By only fitting Volkswagen Genuine Parts, our Volkswagen-trained technicians, who understand your Volkswagen inside-out, will ensure your repair is carried out with the least amount of fuss – saving you both time and money.

And what’s more, for added peace-of-mind, all Volkswagen Genuine Parts fitted at an authorised Volkswagen Service dealer, include a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Why take the risk? For more information about our range of timing belts, contact your local Volkswagen Service dealer today.

Don’t let worn-out shock absorbers give you a headache

Your comfort and safety are important to us. If your vehicle needs replacements, you’ll find our prices highly competitive and that we only fit Volkswagen Genuine Parts – which include a two-year parts and labour warranty.

Why worry about worn-out shock absorbers?

Your vehicle’s shock absorbers may be hidden, but they have a lot to deal with and are constantly exposed to wear and tear. Every time you take a corner, hit a stone or bump in the road, or simply brake and accelerate, your shock absorbers work overtime to keep you safe and comfortable. Worn-out shock absorbers not only effect how your vehicle performs and handles, but also significantly impact driver and passenger comfort. Because of this, it’s important they are checked regularly to ensure correct operation and the best possible performance.

Worn-out shock absorbers cause:

  • Increased breaking distances.
  • Reduced road grip.
  • Poorer steering response.
  • Reduced cornering stability.
  • Increased tyre wear.
  • Negative effects on safety systems such as ABS and ESP.
  • Discomfort for passengers.
  • Less assurance in your vehicle.
  • Reduced driver satisfaction.

Don’t take a risk with your own (or your passengers’) comfort and safety. Contact your local Volkswagen Service dealer to find out how we can help your Volkswagen remain as enjoyable and safe to drive as the day it left the factory.