, 2017-10-10 18:26:25

Surface Refinment

Get "Showroom New Look" with 3M Surface Refinement. This treatment removes swirl marks, oxidation srains and restores natural sheen to the car's surface.

Exterior Beautification

See Your Car Looking surprisingly new, 3M's unique treatment combination eliminates dirt and marks on car surface and restore original paint gloss.

UV Paint Protection

Car care kit

Pamper your car with the Complete Car Care Kit from Volkswagen.

Kit Includes: Glass Cleaner, Shampoo, Wax Polish, Tyre Shine, Interior Cleaner, Windshield Washer

Available in 50ml and 250 ml standard kit

Interior Enrichment for Upholstery

Special Enhanced Car Interior Treatment includes AC Disinfection

AC Disinfectant

CLean the AC vent with 3M AC Vent Disinfectant. This removes the foul smell from your AC vent and keeps the car smelling fresh.

3M GermKleen

An effective solution that offers you a germfree car to keep your family safe