, 2019-09-24 11:32:22

Body & Paintwork

We always ensure you get the best experience when it comes to owning a Volkswagen. To fulfil that, we put safety at the core of our belief. The body parts of your Volkswagen with its quality standard ensures your safety apart from looking brilliant.

To experience your Volkswagen at its best, make sure to always visit a Volkswagen approved Bodyshop in case of any damage, big or small.

Benefits of using a Volkswagen Approved Bodyshop


Volkswagen approved repair technique

Genuine repair techniques approved by Volkswagen is used to treat your car.


Volkswagen trained technicians

Get your car assessed and fixed by Volkswagen Accident Specialist and trained technicians.


Volkswagen approved tools and equipment

All tools and equipment used at the Bodyshop is Volkswagen approved to give your car the best it deserves.


Eco-friendly, Water-based Paint

Give your car a natural sheen with eco-friendly, water-based paint.


Volkswagen standard of Inspection

Standard inspection methods approved by Volkswagen is followed to ensure the highest quality of safety measures and comfort is provided.

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts

With Volkswagen Genuine Parts, be back on the road without any hassle.
  • Cross members, bumpers

    Absorb most of the impact energy in an accident and distribute it to the bodywork. Your passenger compartment remains more robust.

  • Engine bonnet

    Deforms in a crash, thereby absorbing a part of the impact energy. For fewer injuries and lower repair costs.

  • Mudguard

    Protects pedestrians and other road users against splash water, swirled-up dirt and small stones.

Paint Protection

  • Genuine Volkswagen colours

    Available for all Volkswagen colour shades. Even for older models.

  • Clear coat finish

    Get metallic or pearl finish with clear coat paint.

  • Protection

    Prevents the spread of rust at damaged spots