Monsoon Car Care
Monsoon Car Care
Monsoon Car Care

Let your car reign,
when it pours.

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Prepared For The Monsoon?
Time To Do The Same For Your Car.

The monsoons can create a lot of problems for your vehicle and you -
here’s how to stay one step ahead.

Check Your Brakes
Check Your Brakes

Ensure that you inspect your brakes. Worn out brakes lead to an increased braking distance and probability of failure.

Care for Your Wipers

It is essential to keep your wiper blades and spray nozzles intact with recommended wiper fluids and solvents as they play an important role in safekeeping every drive during the monsoon.

Care for Your Wipers
Fully Functioning Hazard Lights
Fully Functioning
Hazard Lights

Ensure that all exterior lights are in their peak condition and don’t drive with hazard lights on.

Importance of Tyre Care in Monsoon

Tread wear, low pressure and an increase in braking distance makes the tyre inefficient in dealing with monsoons.

Importance of Tyre Care in Monsoon
Avoid Water Logged Roads
Avoid Water Logged Roads

Always avoid driving into flooded or water logged roads. Keep your cabin dry with newspapers for the floor and towels for the seats to avoid foul smell. Ensure you have an umbrella, medical kit and flashlight in your car at all times.

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