Pedal Cap


Luggage Compartment

Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment
Safely stow luggage

The Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment plug-in module enables you to flexibly divide up your vehicle's luggage compartment and secure cargo against slipping. The luggage compartment plug-in module can be freely positioned along the outer edges of the loading surface using clamp fixings and the plug-in module's telescopic rod keeps it firmly in place.

Part Number: 000-061-166-A

Luggage net for luggage compartment 
So everything stays where it should

The Volkswagen Original luggage net ensures safe transport of objects in the luggage space. It is quickly and easily secured using fastening hooks.

Part Number: 5N0-065-111

Luggage Net
Cargo Area Liner

Volkswagen Genuine cargo area liner
Boot inlay variable loading surface

The Volkswagen Genuine cargo area liner is light, flexible and perfectly shaped to fit the contours of your vehicle. The edge provides adequate protection against moisture and dirt. Goods are effectively prevented from slipping. If the luggage compartment liner is not required, it can simply be rolled up so that it takes up less storage space.

Part Number: 2GA-061-160

Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment reversible mat
A clever aid

The Volkswagen Genuine luggage compartment reversible mat helps in two ways: It is finely woven upper velour surface protects the luggage compartment against dirt, while its plastic studs on the underside prevent cargo from sliding. In addition, the plastic loading sill protection protects the bumper against damage. Simply practical.

Part Number: 2GA-061-210

Luggage Compartment Mat
Pedal Cap

Volkswagen Genuine Pedal cap set DSG
Let's get sporty

The non-slip pedal caps are made from high-quality, brushed stainless steel with an anti-slip coating that gives the footwell a sporty and elegant appearance. The set consists of installation instructions and caps for the accelerator pedal and the brake. 

Part Number: 5G2-064-205

Volkswagen Genuine Coolbox 12/230V, cooling and heating function 
Keep warm drinks and cold food in the past

Cool drinks during the hot summer months and warm food after four hours of driving. No problem with the energy-efficient Volkswagen Genuine cool and thermos box in a Genuine Volkswagen design. The box has a capacity of approx. 25 litres and ensures the right temperature at all times. It can be used to transport 2-litre bottles upright without any problems and the power is supplied either via the 12 Volt in the vehicle or 230 Volt at home or in your hotel. The battery discharge protection as well as an additional insulation cover intended as a replacement for the cooling cover included in the delivery offer you the necessary safety and greatest possible convenience. Energy efficiency class A­.

Part Number: 000-065-400-F

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