, 2017-10-10 18:26:25

Volkswagen Ameo Cup 2017

Volkswagen Motorsport entered its 8th year in India. 

Like every season, 20 drivers went head to head to put their machines to the test on the track. Through these races the drivers don’t only race but get trained to become professional race car drivers.

Our key goal this year was to groom India’s next international racing star. 

Our elementary level racing series has provided a platform for young racers to demonstrate their talent to their full potential in equally prepared cars. 

We have created a unique platform where all the cars are built, serviced and run by us at Volkswagen Motorsport India. This ensures parity in terms of performance of all the cars while at the same time complementing the driver’s skill to its full glory. The new Ameo Cup car is more advanced in terms of electronics, chassis and powertrain, making it more on par with the international race cars. 

The Ameo Cup Cars give the drivers a platform to learn and hone professional driving skills, and make the right step towards an international touring career.

A look at the Ameo Cup programme

The race program comprises 4 race weekends in 3 destinations across India- Coimbatore, Chennai and Delhi. The winner of the championship is given an opportunity to showcase his or her talent in a higher level formula series in India, and internationally through our driver exchange program.

The added benefit of our motorsport program is that it helps to showcase the qualities that sets Volkswagen apart. 

Motorsport not only demonstrates our build quality, reliability, safety and excellent driving dynamics, but also is a platform we use to improve our cars.

In the last 7 years, Volkswagen Motorsport India has become the flag bearer for quality and reliability of cars and the training that it imparts to young drivers in India. 

Being a ‘One-Make-Championship’ all participating cars are technically identical with the same performance specifications making it possible for only the most skilled drivers to leave an impact.

The renowned car racing series has been able to put a lot of emerging talent on the global map by training and exposing young drivers to the latest technological advancements for higher racing categories.