Volkswagen Vento Matt Edition

The Volkswagen
Vento Matt Edition

Drive your suave

Drive your suave

1.0L TSI
110PS (81kW) @ 5000-5500 rpm
175Nm @ 1750 - 4000 rpm
Automatic - 6 Speed
Starting price
Rs. 13 36 500 *

Drive Your Suave

Drive Your Suave

Drive Your Suave

For those who aim for picture perfect, without the flash. 

The all new Volkswagen Vento Matt Edition is a new kind of different. It commands attention with sharp elegance. Proving beyond a doubt, you don't need shine to outshine. If there ever was an embodiment of raw magnetism, this is it.

The Vento's flawless design language, refined aesthetics and distinctive look put it eons ahead of the competition. Equipped with the revolutionary Volkswagen TSI engine, it can handle much more on their own on the road. Power, performance and poise in one enviable package. If a trendsetter is what you're after, the Volkswagen Matt Edition Vento is for you. 

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmission

Takes comfort seriously 

The beloved Vento TSI Automatic offers only the smoothest driving experience. Its 6-speed AT lets you focus more on the fun the road brings you. While its revolutionary TSI engine lets you cruise down the road at 110PS and 175Nm torque. 

Choose either of the new automatic variants - the Vento HL and Vento HL plus - and you have a suave ride with the kind of power to play the rest of the road can only dream of.

Volkswagen Vento Matt Edition

Remember the time when there were no limits for your car, nor your imagination? Let that innocent thrill of driving be fuelled again. Experience the fun to driving in the Vento, that is now also available in Matt Edition.

Explore the Vento Matt Edition

Explore the Vento Matt Edition

Feel the power

Vento TSI BS6 Engine

1L TSI Petrol

Maximum power, minimum consumption

Power vs. Efficiency, the eternal compromise. Not with the all new Volkswagen Vento Matt. A refined marvel of unprecedented performance, the Volkswagen TSI engine oozes an untamed 110PS. And yet, at 17.69 kilometres per litre^ on the Vento, doesn’t irresponsibly guzzle fuel. Leaving you plenty more to play with, while you set the road on fire. With 175 Nm of torque shooting thrill through your veins and a new 6-speed automatic transmission that truly hands you the reins. Let’s just say your mini beast isn’t pulling over anytime soon.

^ As certified under 115 of CMVR, 1989 by certified agency and actual on road fuel efficiency may vary. Image used is for representation purpose only.

TSI Technology

Our TSI engine is a high functioning combination of being energetic and economical - two characteristics that do not generally work together in conventional petrol engines.

An amalgamation of Stratified Direct Fuel Injection (FSI), downsizing and turbocharging help it in delivering power and torque packed high-tech units with low consumption. 

Experts review the revolutionary
TSI engine.


Technical Specifications

All features and variant comparisons

Maintaining the Volkswagen Vento just got easier on the pocket
With 25% reduction in maintenance cost

Enjoy added convenience, more transparency and reduced maintenance cost by up to 25% on your Volkswagen Vento. We are proud to bring to you Volkswagen’s enhanced and holistic service initiatives. You call it going beyond. We call it service. T&C Apply

Suave all the way

Combining incredible design, urban sophistication and no holds barred performance, the Vento Matt is miles ahead of the rest. 

Door handles with a gorgeous glossy finish contrast and accentuate the Vento's Matt finish.  

Beyond Comfort

The interiors of the Vento are adorned with plush beige leatherette upholstery, that’s sophisticated, contemporary, and unmistakably Volkswagen.


Being in power is also about being in control

Your safety is our priority and so the Volkswagen Vento features a range of safety features.

Airbags as standard

We’ve got your back and your front of course. Equipped with dual-front Airbags as standard as well as side airbags , the Vento Matt Edition is the safest premium sedan in its segment.
Galvanised Steel
Galvanised steel body

Sit nestled comfortably as you ride in a Galvanised Steel Body, that’s enclosed by a laser-welded roof. It’s as safe as can be.
ABS as standard

Ensure you get traction and control when you want to stop, without losing control or fearing unnecessary lag.


Just what you need
Own the Vento Matt Edition
Starting at Rs. 13 36 500 *

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There’s always room for more when it comes to giving you an all-round experience. My Volkswagen Connect ensures you’re in total control of your Volkswagen even from far apart.

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