Tiguan AllSpace
Tiguan AllSpace
Tiguan AllSpace

Tiguan Allspace

Fits all - journeys, styles, passions and more

Fits all - journeys, styles, passions and more

2.0L TSI(BS6 compliant)
190 (140) @ 4200rpm
320Nm @ 1500 - 4100rpm
Rs. 33 24 500 *
  1. New Tiguan Allspace

Built to fit all.

For high functioning jet-setter stopping to admire the stars. For those who seek calm right after they hustle. For the minimalist looking to lean towards being super stylish.

For those who know that where there’s an open mind, there’s an open road for you to explore.

And for those open to different views, passions, journeys and tastes, the New Tiguan Allspace, the 7-seater SUVW that’s built to accommodate all about you and for you.

Come a step closer to soaking in the world of the New Tiguan Allspace through our collaboration with GQ and the versatile Abhay Deol.


The versatile Abhay Deol is always exploring new spaces & challenging himself. It’s this personality that stunningly comes to life through this collaboration with GQ & the Tiguan Allspace. 

Click here  to read more about how the Tiguan Allspace is a perfect match for him. 

And here  to know all about how this German marvel fits all.

For those who always seek for nothing but the best, with a passion for power.
Making room for all their likes with every feature, The New Tiguan Allspace.


Fits all journeys

To embark on every journey across every terrain with a new perspective.

  • AllSpace 4Motion
    AllSpace 4Motion
  • AllSpace 4Motion
    AllSpace 4Motion

4MOTION is a smart 4-wheel drive system with a drive mode selector, that actively monitors your journey. Aimed at giving you the best traction always, it dynamically controls the correct amount of torque transfer, based on the road condition to adapt to journey you undertake.

TSI Technology

Tiguan AllSpace TSI Technology

Volkswagen’s revolutionary 2.0L TSI engine brings to the table 190 PS and 320 NM torque of untamed power for those who truly value power and efficiency. Our TSI engine is a high functioning combination of being energetic and economical - two characteristics that do not generally work together in conventional petrol engines.

An amalgamation of Stratified Direct Fuel Injection (FSI), downsizing and turbocharging help it in delivering power and torque packed high-tech units with low consumption.

Fits All Passions

Lead a lifestyle that lets you let your hair down

Tiguan AllSpace Panoramic sunroof
Panoramic sunroof

For the love of beaming sunshine and starry spectacles. The generous dimensions of the panoramic tilt/slide sunroof let you carry the sky with you on every drive.
Tiguan AllSpace Flexible boot space
Flexible boot space

Always make more room for the bigger things in life. With the collapsible seats, enjoy the pleasure of greater boot space of up to 1274 litres.
Tiguan AllSpace Seating for space for up to 7 across 3 rows
Seating for space for up to 7 across 3 rows 

Passions and people, more the merrier. Fits all those you love with ample of space.
Tiguan Allspace Easy Open Boot
Easy Open Boot

Throw in the surfboard, the suitcase, the backpack or the diving suit with a light movement of your foot in front of the sensor of the easy open boot.

Fits All Conveniences

Provides every bit of accessibility at your fingertips

  • Tiguan AllSpace Digital cockpit with Active Info display
    Tiguan AllSpace Digital cockpit with Active Info display
  • Tiguan AllSpace Digital cockpit with Active Info display
    Tiguan AllSpace Digital cockpit with Active Info display

For those who seek information with an aesthetic that leaves them in awe. The Active Info Display provides all the data you need and lets you customise your information to suit your aesthetic.

Fits All Styles
Resonates with those who wish to stand out of the crowd in their own unique way.

  • Tiguan AllSpace Striking LED headlamps and Daytime running lights
    Tiguan AllSpace Striking LED headlamps and Daytime running lights
  • Tiguan AllSpace Striking LED headlamps and Daytime running lights
    Tiguan AllSpace Striking LED headlamps and Daytime running lights

Makes driving effortless for those who chase the sun and moon just alike.

Fits all safety standards

Tiguan AllSpace Safety

Even when you take the roads less travelled on to take up every passion and pursuit, we’ve got your back with 25+ safety features.

  • 7 airbags for comprehensive safety
    Equipped with 7 airbags, the New Tiguan Allspace is built to not only keep you safe, but to keep everyone you take along secure.
  • Electronic stability control 
    With Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Anti-lock braking System (ABS), have your journeys without worrying for your safety.
  • Hill descent control and Auto Hold 
    The Hill descent control and Auto Hold features ensure that your Tiguan Allspace is never out of your control.

Technical Specifications

Fits All Shades of You

'Style statement' varies for each, vibrancy remains constant. Choose the vibrant colour that defines you.


Drive home the New Tiguan Allspace at
Rs. 33 24 500 *

Tiguan AllSpace Price

Fits All Views
On the spectrum of critique and appreciation.

The depth of engineering, the tough build, and the borderline exciting engine are qualities that appeal to discerning buyers.
Autocar India
The fit and finish is excellent, the materials feel very premium and there’s a nice sense of solidity when you’re seated in the Allspace.
The Allspace is extremely planted on the road and has the feeling of German
solidity about it.
EVO India
Its strongest suite lies in its sophisticated looks, immaculate quality, a
comfortable cabin and an excellent engine and gearbox combination.


View all the features the New Tiguan Allspace has to offer. 

Fits All Tastes

A host of genuine accessories for every unique journey.