Complements your confidence

The New Volkswagen T-Roc is an SUV that’s as confident as you are. With bold design crafted into every feature and packed with advanced technology, the T-Roc is engineered for a confident you.

Take on the road with confidence

1.5L TSI Petrol Engine

More space for more power
With great power, comes great confidence. The mighty engine will help you power through long long drives.

7 speed DSG

For smooth drives
Push the pedal and enjoy a driving experience like never before. The 7 speed DSG allows smooth shifts, ensuring comfortable drives and a superior driving experience. 

Dominant and Confident. Truly an SUVW.
  • T-Roc Alloy Wheels
    T-Roc Alloy Wheels
  • T-Roc Sunroof
    T-Roc Sunroof

Style that’s confident

  • T-Roc Alloy Wheels
    T-Roc Alloy Wheels

Take on the roads in style and leave everyone around mesmerized.

Confidence that makes you comfortable

“Vienna” leather seats

Style and comfort go hand in hand
Aesthetics that will leave everybody stunned. 

Reverse Parking Camera

There’s no looking back
Park with utmost ease even in the tightest of parking spots.

“Climatronic” auto AC

Beat the heat
The Automatic Climate Control System, allows you to individually control the temperature inside. Add to that, the rear AC vents make sure the passengers are comfortable too.

Keyless Entry and Keyless Start

A smart key for a confident driver
Walk towards the T-Roc and it will unlock in time for you to get in. The automatic locking and starting system offers the driver maximum convenience because the key needs to be carried and not held.

Stay safe. Stay confident.
T-Roc Sunroof.
  • 6 airbags
    Safety comes first, always
    Equipped with 6 airbags, the T-Roc is built to keep you safe and ensure you drive confidently.

  • ABS, ESC
    Safety, above all
    With Anti-lock braking System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), have your journeys without worrying for your safety.

  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
    An eye out for safety, always
    The tyre pressure monitoring system will warn you if your tyres are under or over inflated, helping increase your fuel economy and even potentially preventing a tyre blowout.
Confidence at your fingertips
  • App Connect
    Stay connected always
    Connect your Android or Apple device with ease with App Connect in the Infotainment System. This opens up many more possibilities to experience your entertainment and applications, the way you want.

  • Touch screen infotainment
    Your command center
    A country that’s on-the-go deserves a car that can keep up. And that’s why T-Roc comes with a touchscreen Infotainment System which allows you to make calls, view messages and play your favourite tunes, all at the touch of a button.
T-Roc Infotainment

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