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Own the night

Night is when the good boys go home and the beasts come out to roam. Among all the creatures that prowl during the night, the most feared is the Volkswagen GTI. Born out of pure, unadulterated power and a strong racing legacy, the GTI dominates in every sense. Come, rule over the slow and the weak. The GTI is yours to command!

Starting from

Starting from

Sheer power at every angle.

Behold. Creature of the night!

From the first glance, it is evident that the GTI is not an ordinary Volkswagen. The distinct GTI badge, with other racing elements on the exterior and interior gives GTI a look of sheer will and dominating power to exercise it! The feeling is reinforced by a sturdy build and precise engineering, as expected of any Volkswagen.

  • Exterior

    Gets your heart racing.

    Every line and cut on the exterior of the GTI reinforces the sense of purpose and unstoppable drive of the car. The racing blood of the GTI is evident throughout, with elements like the GTI branding, striking red inserts, the spoiler on the rear or the big, bold alloys that scream sheer speed.

  • Interior

    The seat of power.

    When you sit inside the GTI is when you feel the power trip coming on! It surrounds you with luxury while never going away from its sporty nature. Take for instance the leather decorated with red stitching on the sport steering wheel with the GTI chrome brace. Powerful, and extraordinary!

  • Style

    A badge worth displaying.

    The GTI doesn't shy away from its racing legacy. From the actual GTI badge stylishly displayed on the sides and the front bumper, to the red inserts across the exterior and interior, and the signature GTI honeycomb grille, it's a legacy worth displaying.

Legacy meets technology...

Sheer power will only get you so much. The GTI matches this power with technology to take your driving pleasure the max!

Performance, uncorrupted.

The GTI has been built to perform. Each and every element has been tuned to give you unadulterated performance. At the heart of this lies the specially designed 1.8 TSI engine that has been mated to a 7 - speed DSG gearbox, resulting in thrilling speeds and immense driving pleasure. So much power, right under your foot!

Armed for combat.

With all the power under the hood, safety is especially important for the GTI. Which is why the GTI is equipped with a battery of features for added comfort and safety. Because nothing should come between you and the road!

Irresistibly amazing!

Want to book the creature of the night for yourself? Here's what it will cost you...

The Volkswagen advantage

Buying a Volkswagen has many advantages that help you keep your car in the top condition. So maintaining your Volkswagen isn't as costly as you think!

Let's talk numbers!

With its tightly tuned engine and advanced technology, the GTI achieves great feats. Take a look at the specifications now.

Welcome to the club.

Owning the GTI already means that you belong to an elite few. Go one step further with Volkswagen Genuince Accesories for the GTI.

  • Exterior

    As intimidating as you...

    The GTI already looks sporty, bold and dominating. Want to make it look even more intimidating? Choose from many accessories like dynamic looking alloy wheels, hub caps, mirror caps and more.

  • Car care

    The best care. Yours.

    The only one who can care for your GTI is you. Now, you can! Choose from a range of car care accessories that are handy and easy to use. From shampoos, sponges and more, choose from the best.



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