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21st Century Beetle

21st Century Beetle

Fun, unlimited

A timless classic makes a comeback. Again. With the same iconic style and oodles of attitude. The only thing that has changed? Everything! The Volkswagen Beetle is back in its signature avatar, albeit with some (many) new surprises that only add to the fun. It's new. It's modern. It's the classic everyone loves. It's fun, to the power of Beetle!

Starting from

Starting from

Dressed to impress.

Same old Beetle. Fun new attitude.

The 21st Century Beetle sticks to what made the Beetle an icon in the first place - a fun curvy frame and oodles of class. This time around, the Beetle sacrifices some curves for lines and a more masculine frame, still retaining its classic look. So if you want to call it cute, think again!

  • Exterior

    Classic meets sporty.

    The 21st Century Beetle retains its iconic frame, but looks sportier, thanks to its masculine lines and elements like the rear spoiler. It's curvy enough to be liked by the ladies, and yet sporty enough to be loved by the men. The Beetle also oozes style, with things like new dynamic lights and chrome highlights.

  • Interior

    Dressed to impress.

    Everything inside the 21st Century Beetle is carefully hand picked to go with its personality. And yours. Like the colourful trims on the door and upper dashboard. Satin finished chrome detailing in the cockpit and doors adds a dash of luxury. This and much more leads to a warm, fun ambience from the moment you step in.

  • Style

    Iconic meets fun.

    The 21st Century Beetle stays true to its iconic legacy with its shape intact. What it adds, is much more oomph and style with a more polished look and all the modern day conveniences. It does so with unflinching ease. So prepare for stares. Because heads will turn when you drive the 21st Century Beetle!

Fun loving, modern thinking.

The 21st Century Beetle is anything but ordinary. It's pakced with modern features, letting you enjoy your drives to the maximum.

Music to your ears...

The 21st Century Beetle amps up the fun quotient with its advanced touchscreen entertainment system with 8 speakers to give you an experience you'll never forget. Because life is awesome with music!

Safe and snug. As a bug.

No matter how fun the 21st Century Beetle is, it takes your safety very seriously. The reinforced chassis is designed to absorb the worst of an impact. A host of features ensure you have a safe ride, always.

Power that defies looks.

Don't judge the 21st Century Beetle on mere looks, because what's under the hood will surprise you. Pleasantly.


Metallic finish: INR 2,650,000 | Pearl finish: INR 2,730,300

The Volkswagen advantage

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Let's talk numbers!

The 21st Century Beetle packs all the fun in impressive features and specifications. Take a look at the detailed specs of the car.


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