We thank the brave

The #RealHeroes are those who heal the world
and we'd like to express our respect.


While everyone is taking measures to fight infection, some are running towards danger every minute of the day. Braving whatever comes, putting our safety before their own. The #RealHeroes.

We feel immense gratitude for the selfless commitment of those who do incredible things for our medical care during these trying times and we want to do our bit to support these heroes and join hands with the community at large.

For Existing Customer
Offering Enhanced Cover

Preserves the air conditioning system. Prevents the build-up of bacterial contaminations - the cause of unpleasant odours.

PM Care Fund

We as a responsible group, would further pledge to contribute ₹ 10,000 from Volkswagen to the PM Cares Fund, for every car retailed under #RealHeroes campaign, as a contribution to serve our society in these difficult times.

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