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Make yourself comfortable in your new Volkswagen. Its extensive basic equipment, the uncomplicated handling and many convenient extras ensure that you can enjoy every day with it in a very relaxed way.


12 Way Seat With Memory.

The 12-way adjustable seat ensures fatigue-free travel comfort - even on long journeys. This feeling of well-being is achieved by finding an ideal sitting position suited to each individual occupant. To this end, the seats feature multi-way adjustment, allowing them to be adapted to any stature. The lumbar support integrated into the backrest relieves the strain on the spinal column and prevents discomfort arising as a result of poor posture, cramps or existing back problems. The seat's exemplary ergonomic qualities have been awarded the seal of quality by the German Healthy Back Campaign. The electrical operation permits convenient, smooth adjustment of seat height, seat cushion length, seat inclination, backrest angle and the lumbar support.


3 Memory Option.

The seats in The Passat are equipped with electrical adjustment for the fore/aft position, seat height, lumbar support, seat and backrest angle, as well as the door mirrors. If the vehicle is unlocked via the remote control, the memory function on the key for seat, mirror and steering wheel settings is immediately activated. All individual settings can be memorised for three people and operated at the press of a button.


Electric Sunroof.

The photovoltaic elements incorporated in the sunroof under glass produce an electrical current even at the lowest levels of solar radiation, and thus provide power for the fan in the vehicle. In spite of the ignition being switched off, this continuously supplies fresh air to the interior, and the temperature level in the vehicle can be reduced by up to 50 percent as a result of the air - which is cleaned by dust and pollen filters - flowing in from the outside. This type of ventilation does not place a load on the vehicle battery. This preliminary cooling enables the air-conditioning system to reduce the internal temperature to the required level more quickly, with low energy consumption and little use of the fan.


Multifunction Display.

The multi-function display located directly in the driver’s view is a compact information unit which ensures convenience and safety. The driver can take in important vehicle information at a glance and therefore devote his full attention to the road.


Steering Mounted Audio Control

The driver can use the multifunction steering wheel to operate the audio system and the navigation system (if fitted) without having to take a hand off the wheel. The benefits of this are obvious: as the driver does not need to take a hand off the wheel to operate the systems, he is not unnecessarily distracted and can concentrate fully on the road. This is not only convenient, it also boosts safety.


Coming Home Leaving Home Lights.

The surround lighting with "coming home" and "leaving home" function is an extremely handy feature. When leaving the vehicle, the low-beam headlights, the courtesy lights in the door mirror housings, the tail lights and number-plate illumination are switched off after a certain delay (coming home) and switched on when the driver unlocks the doors with the radio remote control (leaving home). The car's outside lights can thus be used to light the way to the front door or the vehicle in the dark. The "coming home" function is fitted in other Volkswagen models too.


Climatronic Air-conditioning

The Climatronic air conditioning with 2-zone temperature control allows separate temperatures to be set for the driver and front passenger side. The maximum possible temperature difference is dictated by the size of the interior and the arrangement of the air vents. For example, a temperature difference of 2°C can be achieved.

Introducing Automatic DSG transmission.

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