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Aero Wipers

The aero wipers from Volkswagen ensure that wipe quality is consistent even when the vehicle is travelling at high speed. Compared to conventional wipers, aero wipers make less noise. The wiper technology benefits above all from the way the air is ingeniously guided around the streamlined form of the wiper blade. The wiper arm is noted for its particularly high rigidity and is able to apply additional downforce on the wiper blade without the aid of any further add-on parts. Consequently, windscreen wiper "judder" is a thing of the past. Even when driving in extremely heavy rain, drivers can continue to enjoy safe and relaxed motoring. The extremely large swept area is also of benefit in this respect. As the wiper blade elements wear down at a slower rate they have to be replaced less often, cutting maintenance costs. The aero wiper's basic form is designed so that all mechanical and aerodynamic requirements relating to wipe behaviour are satisfied even at high speeds - after all, wiper functions are important even in dry weather, e.g. for cleaning the windscreen.